Unique Gifts For Men They Will Really Love

unique gifts for men

Every year without fail I complain my husband is impossible to shop for. Mostly because it’s true. I always try to find unique gifts for men I think my husband will love. Essentially I put together my Christmas gift ideas for men based on my need to search high and low for something, anything I think will make him happy. In turn I find things for all the other men in my life like my brother, my sons and a few others on my list. Trying to find gifts for men who have everything can be like finding a needle in a hay stack, but I love a challenge. So without further ado here are my Christmas gift ideas for men.

Unique Gifts For Men

unique gifts for men fountain of 3o


1. The Fishing Caddy – Fishing Bucket Storage or Bait Holder w/Swivel Padded Seat, Dual Fishing Rod Holder, Cup Holder or Beer Holder & LED Waterproof Light for Night Fishing, $79.99

This one has my brother written all over it. And if my father were still alive he would probably love this too.

2. Manscaped The Perfect Package 2.0, $74.99

Even if he has everything I bet he doesn’t have this. Yet. without going into too much detail this manscaping set contains basically everything he needs to trim, deodorize, moisturize and refresh down there. The Perfect Package 2.0 is a $139 value for $74.99 and includes The Lawn Mower 2.0 (waterproof electric razor), Crop Preserver (anti-chafing ball deodorant), Crop Reviver (ball toner & refresher), Magic Mat (set of 3 disposable shaving mats) and FREE gifts; The Shed (travel/storage bag a $39.99 value) and Manscaped Boxers (anti-chafing boxers a $19.99 value).

We have a special discount code too! Save 20% by using the code FO30HOLIDAY20 at checkout using this link: manscaped.com

3. Johnny’s Chop Shop Wild Cat Hair Clay 2.46, $9.98

Johnny’s Chop Shop is a cult British barbershop and male grooming brand that exudes 1950s and 1960s retro style. If his hair stands up on end this styling clay will tame it with it’s strong hold and matte finish.

4. Nomad Wireless Hub, $79.95

Who has time to be bothered with plugging in their phone to charge it? This wireless charger with a multi-port USB charging hub underneath is capable of charging up to 5 devices at once.

5. Steeped Coffee Home Basics Kit, Now $45

Amazing steeped coffee in a tea bag! Seriously good and seriously easy. He will love this. So don’t be surprised if he takes it to the office because this is much better than that coffee.

6. Thayers Witch Hazel Astringent Pads with Aloe Original, $7.99

It’s nearly impossible to get most men to take care of their skin. These pads get the job done. They make the perfect stocking stuffer.

7. Moderne Monocle Men’s Magnifying Necklace, Jagger Gunmetal Dog Tag, $72

I love my Moderne Monocle and I discovered they make a cool one for men. It looks like a dog tag necklace but it’s really a monocle. Clever right? Now he can read a restaurant menu without borrowing your cheaters!

8. Viper Shot King Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Set with Staple-Free Bullseye, $35.49

I can’t think of one male (young or old) who wouldn’t love this dart board. If your basement doesn’t already look like a pub, now it will.

9. VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android Phone – Universal Virtual Reality Goggles, $32.95

These will fit every man of all sizes in your life and at this price you might want to get a few. They will bring all who try them a totally immersive visual 360 experience.

10. Chappywrap Northern Comfort, $135

Now he has his own blanket to curl up with by the fire. I picked this Chappywrap because it looked “manly” but, the truth is, these make the best gift for everyone you know. They come in so many patterns you can find one for anyone (mine has a map of Long Island). These reversible wrap blankets are made of an all-natural cotton blend that feels plush and soft. They are very warm without being to heavy. Best part is, you can toss it in the wash.

11. Soul Journey Jewelry Tranquil Jasper, $44

This 10mm Elephant Jasper bracelet should bring a sense of calm and tranquility to his hectic life.

12. Skinuva Next Generation Scar Cream, $75

This scar cream works better than any other I have tried. I suggest placing one in his stocking and then “borrowing” it. See how I think? Get him gifts you can use too!

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Unique Gifts For Men They Will Really Love

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  • Nicole Valentin 4 months ago Reply

    I needed this post! I HATE shopping for my husband. I just have no idea what to get him. I might get the modern monocle. He was in the army for 20 years so I feel lie a dog tag fits him perfectly. Then again the wireless hub sounds good too. Thanks for doing my shopping for me!

    Lauren Dimet Waters 4 months ago Reply

    Yeah! This makes me so happy to hear. I am more than thrilled this guide helped. Both items are great picks!

  • Carol Cassara 4 months ago Reply

    Some great ideas that I can put to use right now

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