About Fountain Of 30

Fountain-Of-30-About-UsFountain of 30 s an anti-aging style, beauty, health and travel site dedicated to women over 50 who feel 30 and will do whatever it takes to keep looking 30. We don’t relate to the 20-something style bloggers but we are not ready to hang it up yet either. We are passionate about looking and feeling the best we can.

About the Founders:
Founders Lauren Dimet Waters and Carol Calacci founded the successful fashion & beauty destination site 18 years ago. In that time we posted over 18,000 articles, but noticed our site was shifting away from being about Chicago and more about fashion and beauty for our age-group so we thought is was time we dedicate a site to our demographic.

Fountain of 30 is an anti-aging fashion, beauty and lifestyle site for women over 50 who refuse to age without a fight.

The Fountain of 30 Woman:
• Is confident in her own skin, but wants that skin to age backwards
• Loves trends but knows she’s too old to dress like she’s 25 but not ready to shop at Chico’s yet.
• Is a mother, daughter and best friend who loves food and wine almost as much as she loves her family
• Loves to travel in style, but will use points for any upgrade she can get
• Takes care of her body and health
• Has disposable income yet loves a great designer deal and is known to mix designer duds with those purchased at Zara

Fountain Of 30…because the Fountain of Youth is for wimps!

Lauren Dimet Waters is a wife and mother to two boys ages 12 & 13, their pet Morkie named Fiona, and lives in the NYC area.

Carol Calacci lives in the Chicago area with her boyfriend and Siberian cat named Ginger.

Fountain of 30
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