Teal vs Turquoise: How to Add The Color Trend To Your Home

Everywhere I turn these days I see bluish-greenish hues covering all sorts of home design elements. From brightly colored kitchen cabinets to soft, silky rugs, the teal and turquoise color trend is literally popping up everywhere. Often it is hard to simply put the these colors into a green or blue category as they seem to traverse this part of the spectrum. Every tone of teal vs turquoise are rich and make a bold statement in your home. They can both be neutral colors and in the right depth pair well with most other colors.

How To Add Teal and Turquoise To Your Home Decor

Both colors are found in nature like on rocks, leaves, skies and water. Turquoise as a color is named after the turquoise mineral and teal comes from the color surrounding a Teal duck’s eye. Since they both come from nature there are many shades of each, some softer and some brighter.

The Difference Between Teal and Turquoise

You may be wondering,”What is the difference between teal and turquoise?” And, “Is teal more blue or green?” Traditionally turquoise will be more blue and teal more green. The variety is endless and with either hue you can’t go wrong. The fact that these colors fall into both the blue and green categories is perhaps why they are so widely appreciated.

Teal vs Turquoise Color Trend for Your Home

To get your feet wet in this design trend try to incorporate a few accent pieces in your room, like a lamp, chandelier, pillow or accent chair. In a very soft shade they will be a more opulent alternative to the current trend of grey walls and will really warm up your space as well as making it original. For those with more bold tastes select a rich, deep tone or go with a brighter, more lively choice reminiscent of the calm Caribbean sea.

If you do not want to commit to painting an entire room try painting a thin line around all of the trim, the windows and doors. Even less commitment and a fun DIY project is to paint a grouping of picture frames in a variety of shades and fill a wall with them. You can procure small sample pots of paint at the hardware store.

A bright, cozy throw is always an easy way to add a pop of color to a room. Turquoise and teal are very strong colors without feeling aggressive so they are pleasing to the eye even if they are in abundance. Try layering different shades of the colors in your space with a deeper, darker hue in the rug or on an accent chair, a whisper of color in the draperies, and a rainbow of blue-green pillows spread across your sofa. Mix them up and the look will add a playful elegance to any room.

Whichever shades you choose will add a pop of life to your room!

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Whichever shade you use teal and turquoise will add a pop of life to your room!


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