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How To Heal Your Relationship With Food

Are you ready to finally find peace with food and leave the past in the past? It not about eating more kale, drinking more water and cutting out dairy. According to certified eating psychology, health coach and author Elise Museles, it has to with understanding why we feel the way we do about food and …

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Weight Loss in Menopause fountainof30

The Real Skinny on Weight Loss in Menopause

One thing I constantly hear from midlife women in menopause (and post-menopause) is they keep gaining weight. It doesn’t matter if they just look at a doughnut. It’s going to show on the scale and around our tummies. It’s totally frustrating, so many of us just throw in the towel. But you know I simply …

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Relieve Top Menopause Concerns…Naturally

Women going through menopause experience many significant changes in body, mind and spirit, most of which is attributed to hormonal changes. One common concern I hear all the time from women in peri/menopause is vaginal dryness…paired with a lack of libido. This same dryness actually affects our desire for sex. They can go hand in …

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