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Quick and Easy Amazon Fall Home Decor Ideas

It’s time to prepare to cozy-up your home for fall! Easily add fall colors and warmth to your home with just a few accent items. You don’t have to go out to a store to shop or spend a lot of money either, because I found everything here online at Amazon. Here are 7 quick …

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test post Sunday

The button-down or button-up shirt with a collar is a perpetual classic and we’ve probably all had one or more in our closets for years. That said, these types of shirts can be tricky to wear. Buttons can gap at the bust or elsewhere, collars don’t lay flat, darts or seams aren’t situated in the …

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Livingroom Home Decor Ideas: Get Inspiration From Around The World

As fall approaches we’re probably all ready for an update to our living spaces. And sometimes, that means rearranging your furniture, getting a few new small pieces, or otherwise changing things up so your place feels somewhat new. What’s more, we like getting inspiration from how people style their living rooms and more around the …

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