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wide leg crop pants

I’m Obsessed With Wide Leg Crop Pants…Now How Do I Wear Them?

Lately I’ve been obsessed with wide leg crop pants because they are comfortable and the fit is super-flattering. They accentuate your waist Read More

back-to-school items you will want

Back To School Stuff You Will Want To Keep. For Yourself.

It’s August and the back-to-school buzz is in the air. You know what I’m talking about. The emails about sports registration. The Read More

best pre-cleansers

To Pre Cleanse Or Not To Pre Cleanse, That Is The Question

I know some nights it’s difficult to remember to remove your eye-makeup, let alone wash your face. Yet as we age it Read More

Katie Holmes in chic black and white

Look Like Katie Holmes In Sleek and Chic Black and White

Actress Katie Holmes brings sleek and chic to a whole new level with this black and white look. The wonderful thing about Read More

big buttons trend

I Like Big Buttons and I Can Not Lie

Button, button, who’s got the button? For the last several seasons, many designers have been showing them – and these buttons are Read More

patchwork trrend

Wearable Trends: Will You Give Patchwork A Try?

We are deep in the thick of summer. As much as I’m enjoying the beautiful, sunny and warm weather, I have to Read More

What To Pack For Adventure Travel

What To Pack For An Extreme Indiana Jones-Style Adventure

No matter what destination you’re headed to, packing for a vacation can be fraught with difficulty. You want to make sure you Read More