10 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

This is a topic that comes up a lot so I thought it was time to address it. I have friends constantly asking me for fashion advice, “Can I wear this, and can I still wear that?” I usually say, “You can wear anything as long as you wear it right.” When you get to your 40’s and 50’s you start to second guess some of the trends you used to wear, and you should. There are some fashion mistakes that unfortunately make you look older.

For instance over the last few years I find I no longer feel comfortable wearing shorts. I rocked them in my early and mid 40’s but now I just don’t think they are age appropriate (at least for me) so I have switched to midi skirts and flowing pants. Jumpsuits work too. But hey, if your legs are still your best feature, show them! However, there are so many vibrant midlife women who I see just give up mostly because they don’t know what to wear, are stuck in a rut or are just plain confused by fashion.

So without further ado here are 10 fashion mistakes that make you look older.


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10 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

10 fashion mistakes that make you look older wearing all black

  • Wearing all black. I know black is slimming and looks great on everyone, but it really doesn’t. Hear me out. Black around your face is very harsh and shows every wrinkle. It actually ages you. Lighten up. At least consider wearing a light color near your face. Even a white button-down to break up all the black will do. Now when it comes to the bottom half of your outfit I say wear black all day every day! Nothing makes you look slimmer. Oh and the darker the jeans the better too. fashion mistakes that make you look older shapeless clothes tan sweater set on brunette model
  • Wearing shapeless clothes. Do not go frumpy. If you have a great body, wear fitted clothes. If you don’t have a flawless figure STILL wear fitted clothes, just a little less fitted in the areas you don’t want to accentuate. But wearing shapeless clothes makes you look like an Oompa Loompa. Need proof? Have someone take a picture of you. The same goes with jeans. Jeans with too much stretch start to sag and make you look shapeless. I have the best suggestion for you: high-waisted jeans. You will thank me later.10 fashion mistakes that make you look older jersey
  • Wearing Jersey. Jersey is NOT your friend. It shows every bump and bulge. Opt for stiffer fabrics like cotton and wool. Rid your closet of all signs of jersey, especially jersey dresses. Do it now! 80s style cast of Frieds wearing denim and white shirts
  • Getting trapped in your favorite decade. Has your style has remained basically unchanged since the 90’s? Are you still sporting the Rachel haircut? (Although I did love it.) Oh no. Sadly, you are not fooling anyone and in fact you are making yourself look decades older. Yes, some 90’s trends are back, but the actual clothes you wore that decade are not. They are reiterations. So please, let us help. Go back and see some of our trend posts. Come join us in 2024. You really can wear virtually every current trend. At least try a few.10 fashion mistakes that make you look older dress like daughter
  • Dressing like your daughter. OK, so you can’t wear every trend. If you have a 19 year-old daughter please resist the urge to raid her closet, or even worse, buy what she buys. You will not look cool in a crop top (I don’t care if you have a six-pack) or short shorts. You will look like you are trying too hard and people will stare…and not in a good way.10 fashion mistakes that make you look older dress like your mother
  • Dressing like your mother. This is another mistake I see many women make. You are not 70, and even if you are, don’t dress it! Now if you want to borrow your mom’s Chanel bag, that’s another story.look older old eyewear outdated sophia Loren oversize glasses
  • Not updating your accessories (including glasses). Jewelry, bags and shoes are the easiest and some of the cheapest ways to update your look. Buy a new piece of costume jewelry you love every season (that’s what BaubleBar is for). Get yourself a new “It” bag even if it’s not Celine. The brand isn’t as important as the shape and style. Also if you wear glasses, make sure they are hip. They are on your face after all. I think women who wear glasses daily and don’t own at least a few pairs are doing themselves a disservice. You can literally make yourself look a full decade younger with the right eye glasses. Afraid you will make a bad decision? Take a friend who has style and will not lie to you to the store with you to pick them out. Another trick is to buy sunglass frames you love (let’s face it, they are usually cooler) and have Walmart (they have the cheapest lenses) swap out the lenses with clear prescription ones.10 fashion mistakes that make you look older covering ups
  • Hiding too much skin. You may think covering every inch of your body will hide the fact that your skin isn’t as tight as it used to be, but it’s actually aging you. Everyone knows what you are doing. Covering your neck is also a dead giveaway. Try wearing a v-neck or a longer necklace to draw the attention away from your neck. Go ahead, show some clavicle or some skin. Wear your stilettos with no socks. A little skin is sexy and you are allowed to be sexy until you’re dead. Note: I do not mean cold shoulder tops. By now you all know I hate those. Try an off-the-shoulder top or an on-trend one shoulder top that has a drapey hem instead.10 fashion mistakes that make you look older too much skin mariah carey short black slip dress
  • Showing too much skin. Um, yeah. Don’t go there. (See dressing like your daughter above.) It’s time to leave a little to the imagination. You should reconsider wearing skirts that are 3 inches above the knee. If your knees still look great wear a skirt that hits at the knee or just above. When you sit people will still see them. Otherwise try a midi skirt. If your arms are still in fabulous shape, show them off and wear something sleeveless, but then wear pants and keep the bottom half covered. It’s all about balance when you are over 50. You do not want to look like an aging stripper. Ever.10 fashion mistakes that make you look older chunky shoes cork flatform sandal platform Gucci shoe
  • Wearing chunky shoes. Leave this trend to the millennials and Gen Z. Chunky shoes make your legs look heavy. Stick with a slimming pointy toe pump or flat instead. And by no means should you ever, ever wear heavy, ugly walking shoes that are “so comfortable.” Nobody cares that your feet are comfortable when they are staring at ugly shoes that have ruined your entire outfit. Look, I have not been able to wear more than a 2 inch heel in over six years and never will be able to again, but I have made sure my flat shoes are on point. We share shoe trends constantly so go back and check some of our posts. You can’t go wrong with a bright pair of pointy toe flats.

I hope these tips help and if you have any others you think I have left out (and trust me I can think of at least 10 more), please let me know! But in the end, wear what makes you feel good. Yet, if that voice in your head is second guessing what you are wearing, trust it.

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10 Fashion Mistakes That Make you Look Older. Assorted dated accessories in a collage and the cast from Friends

7 thoughts on “10 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older”

  1. Thank you Lauren
    Absolutely wonderful article and many tips that are much needed in my life at the ‘young’age of 61 BUT
    I am wheelchair bound and have MS so skirts and dresses are not in my closet. Shoes are all flats or brogues and I no longer have ankle boots as I can’t fit into them. I now have 2 pairs of off white sneakers. 1 from my daughter -in-law. So I bought myself another pair.
    I have fallen into the monochrome black is best which I now realize is not best.
    Any tips from you and obviously your team will be so appreciated.
    Thank you
    Brett (boys name)

  2. High waisted jeans are NOT universally flattering. I’m a short person and high waisted jeans make me look like I have a weirdly shaped torso. Also, they’re practically under my boobs. I respectfully disagree with that comment.

  3. Hmmm, conflicted about your advice because at 77 I still ski fast ( like 54 mph), work out, and look outstanding in youthful clothes. Working out, great genes, discipline all make a difference . As a 60’s kid, I NEVER partied and it holds me in good stead.I DO hate black. You are correct about that.

  4. I am 74 & never knew how to dress
    To look good. Lot of my classmates always look good. Some of your suggestions sound good to me. Have a black jacket, a denim jacket. Want to get some black boots. Is the list ok?


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