9 Of The Worst Spring 2024 Fashion Trends Women Over 50 Should Avoid!

Spring is here and it’s time to wear the best new trends of the season! We carefully curated the spring 2024 looks that are perfect for women over 50, but while we reviewed the runways, we could not help but notice the the trends we know we would never wear. We understand that many of the looks are artistic expressions, or ones that were only meant for the runway presentations. However, many wind up in the stores and potentially on an unsuspecting trend-seeker. That’s why we put together this group of the worst spring 2024 fashion trends women over 50 should avoid! In fact, women of all ages shouldn’t wear them either, but they are worth a laugh! (What were the designers thinking?)

9 Of The Worst Spring 2024 Fashion Trends

Worst Spring 2024 Fashion Trends m icro minis fountainof30

1. Micro Minis

Micro mini dresses and 60’s style short skirts bombarded the runways! Luckily, most of the top designers gave us so many alternative looks that we could wear, so we kind of ignored these. They look real comfortable, don’t they? Not! Mark my words, you will see these tiny dresses worn over pant and leggings in the real world – because women will think they are tunic tops!


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Shown at Gucci, Chanel and Valentino

Worst Spring 2024 Fashion Trends clown fountainof30

2. Clown Show

There was a lot of clowning around on the runways, at least we thought it must be a joke! Big collars, bold circus stripes, crazy colors and whimsical shapes were shown for spring 2024. No woman wants to go out looking like a clown, unless she works for Barnum and Bailey or Ringling Bros.

Shown at Comme des Garcons, Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood and Marni

apron looks on the runways fountainof30

3. Aprons

This work-around-the-house “apron” look was shown as streetwear and even for evening wear. When women go out, they don’t want to be reminded of housework. Unless they think someone may spill a drink on them. Nix the apron look!

Shown at Tibi, Heliot Emil and Christian Dior

Worst Spring 2024 trend breifs short shorts fountainof30

4. Don’t Make It Brief

No one we know will be wearing micro-short briefs out on the street. The models look fabulous, but most women can’t carry this off. This beachwear meets streetwear look just isn’t gong to fly unless you are a celebrity. Enough said.

Shown at Chanel, Carolina Herrera and Gucci

fringe Worst Spring 2024 Fashion Trends fountainof30

5. Enough With The Fringe!

Okay, okay, okay … enough with the fringe trend! We’re getting sick of it! In small doses it’s nice, but these looks are out of control. Avoid fringe when it looks like an animal, a vegetable, or an Ice Capades skirt.

Shown at Rabanne, Bottega Veneta and Prada

impractical proportions trend spring fashion fountainof30

6. Impractical Proportions

Perhaps some of the designers are making a statement, or creating movement, or dramatic sculptural shapes, but many are simply impractical! If you can’t even lift your arms, dine at a table or fit in an elevator, then where would you wear it?

Shown at Loewe, Coperni and Rick Owens

slasjed fashion on the runeways SS2024 fountainof30

7. Super Slashed

Oh how some designers like to get their scissors out! We get it when there is an interesting slash here and there. But when there’s a crazy gaping slash that reveals the worst part of our legs and hips, this is a trend we will skip!

Shown at Luar, Sacai and The Attico

space age fashion spring fountainof30

8. Lost In Space

If you are old enough to remember the TV show Lost In Space, then you will definitely not be sporting “the space age trend” for spring 2024. A little metallic here and there is fun, but these out of this world looks are “out” for most women. Avoid that giant leap for mankind.

Shown at Lapointe, Rick Owens and Coperni

oversized fashion worst trend fountainof30

9. Go Big And Go Home

When oversized looks are done right, they are dramatic and chic for women over 50. However some of the voluminous runway looks for spring 2024 were overblown, to say the least. If you’re going to go big, please just go home!

Shown at Marni, Matty Bovan and Comme des Garcons

Which of these crazy spring 2024 trends do you think is the worst? Have you seen any other fashion trends to avoid?

Carol Calacci

Sources: Vogue, Who What Wear, W Magazine

Photos: Vogue.com

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