10 Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look 10 Years Older!

If you are over 50 I’m sorry to report you may be making one or more beauty mistakes that are making you look older than you want to look or really are. Who wants that? There are some simple tricks and makeup tips you can implement NOW to look like you have turned back the hands of time.

Here are 10 beauty mistakes that make you look 10 years older.

10 Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look Older

10 beauty mistakes foundation fountainof30

1. Using Too Much Foundation

Foundations that are too thick settle into fine lines and wrinkles. They will also make your skin look less luminous. Try to avoid “matte,” “velvet,” and “long-wearing” formulas and opt instead for sheer liquid foundations with light-diffusing pigments. Also consider using foundation only where you need it (like to cover discoloration) or a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Did I mention SPF is crucial? It is.


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2. Over-Concealing Your Under-Eye Circles and/or Racoon Eyes

Think a thick concealer is going to cover those dark circles and/or bags? Well it also draws attention to the crepiness and fine lines because the skin around the eyes is much thinner. Try using a brush-on highlighter pen that has illuminating particles, not opaque color, to camouflage dark circles. And please find a color that matches your foundation. You might think a lighter color will offset the darkness but the effect is racoon eyes which will draw the wrong kind of attention from 100 miles away and that look so 80’s. (The decade not the age).

10 beauty mistakes too much blush fountainof30

3. Forgoing Blush or Wearing Too Much

A rosy flush on your cheeks brings instant life and a glow to your face but only if applied correctly. Just don’t skip blush altogether! First I suggest you start to use a cream blush (rather than a powder one) which looks more dewy on the skin. Then smile and find the fleshiest part of your cheek and apply color just slightly above it. Blend the color out toward your temples in circles, because you want to avoid a stripe of color that runs along your cheekbones which makes you look hollow. Bonus tip: same goes with highlighter. Please use it sparingly and blend it in. I know the 20 somethings are heavy handed with highlighter and they don’t seem to know what blending is, but they have young skin and can get away with it. (Well sorta. Some Instagram pics look really quite funny, but are good for a laugh!)

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4. Finishing with Powder

When you were younger, your skin reflected light. Powders prevent light reflection and tend to magnify lines in the skin. I know you might have been applying powder since high school but your skin has changed. Do what I do and carry a powder compact (also good for checking teeth and applying lipstick) and dab a little powder to the areas that get shiny throughout the day. But dump the pot of loose powder, OK?

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5. Wearing Black Eyeliner

I have been screaming this from the rooftops for a while now. This is a common beauty mistake. Ditch the black eyeliner! All it does is draw attention to fine lines a wrinkles around your eyes. I am not saying skip eyeliner altogether because it makes your eyes look more open. But choose colors like brown, navy, a dark green or plum. And make sure to blend the liner because a thick line will make upper lids look heavier and hooded. Smudge using your ring finger ever so gently or use a Q-tip.

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6. Wearing Deep, Dark Lip Colors

You want your lips to look fuller as you age and dark colors make your lips look smaller. Bright lipsticks and glosses (think peaches, pinks, vibrant reds) rather than deep shades (burgundies, wines, browns) will give you the illusion of luscious lips. And for the love of God do NOT pick a frosted lipstick. You are not your grandmother.

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7. Going Overboard with Lip Liner

Yes a lip liner can define your lips and prevent color from feathering into any lines around the mouth, but please match the color of your lipstick perfectly or better yet to the color of your lips! If you line with a color that’s too dark or too heavily, your lips will look tight and pursed. Opt for a creamy formula that won’t stick to any dry patches, and use it to fill in your lips entirely, so it wears evenly. Please do not wear a liner that’s darker than your lipstick. That trend needs to stay in the 90’s.

10 beauty mistakes lipstick from tube fountainof30

8. Applying Lipstick Straight from the Tube

I know, you are in a hurry and it’s just so easy to apply straight from the tube, but the borders of your lips soften with age so any extra lipstick travels easily. To avoid bleeding color, use your finger or a lip brush so you don’t deposit too much pigment. Or place lipstick in the center of your mouth, and blend it out with a finger. Make sure to top off your lipstick with a moisturizing balm or light gloss because the matte look is too aging.

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9. Using Liner and Mascara on Your Lower Lashes

Playing up your lower lashes will make your eyes look droopy and draw attention to dark circles. Who wants that? Simply focus on your upper lashes. First curl them and then wiggle a volumizing mascara into your lash’s roots (get up tight to the skin) and move the wand slowly through to the ends for an uplifting effect. Make sure most of your mascara is being deposited at the roots. A trick is to add a little extra to the outer lashes for a doll eye effect.

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10. Using Too-Dark Eyebrow Pencil

Did you know your brow color fades as you age? Therefore the brow pencil you used when you were in your 20’s is now too dark and makes you look older. Instead choose a color that’s one or even two shades lighter than your natural brow color. Also consider a clear brow gel if your brows are getting wiry. Brush it up and out toward your temples.

Are you making any of these beauty mistakes?

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  1. I think eyeliner color is dependent on coloring. For fair-skinned women, it can be harsh, not so much for women at the deeper end of the spectrum.

  2. Former beauty editor here. I agree with nearly all the tips. I do think a darker liner with a slightly paler lipstick can work to enhance lips. I do it and it makes a difference. I also like to darken my brows with powder.

  3. What is the best SPF tint to wear that would cover wrinkles and old acting scars for a woman past 60. I have use the it moisturizer for many years and have gotten very many compliments on it I do not put it on sick and use my fingertips to spread it. But now your comment about foundations which the outline is very close to has made me have second thoughts


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