Why You Should Wear Navy, Not Black This Spring

wear navy not black spring style

We love black, and we know you probably love it too. However, sometimes it doesn’t always love us back, especially when we’re all in winter pale mode. And let’s face it, spring has yet to happen for most of us. Black can be pretty harsh against a lot of skin tones and it can be aging (trust us, wrinkles show more). Therefore, it can be nice to lighten things up for spring. This is why we suggest you wear navy, not black as a neutral during late winter and early spring.

Wear Navy Instead of Black

wear navy not black blazer dress pendant blouse scarf eyeliner

Navy Blazers

A navy schoolboy-style blazer is a classic for a reason, and it is extra chic when thrown over a white blouse and a pair of jeans. It’s a look that works for all seasons which is an added bonus! This J.Crew Regent blazer is just about perfect if you want to go for this traditional look.

Navy Blouses

Navy blouses look stellar with denim, white or ivory, gray and nearly every other color. We especially love navy with emerald green. Navy even works with black if done intentionally. This See By Chloe satin blouse is a great choice and might end up being a wardrobe staple.

Navy Scarves

Scarves can look exceptionally chic with a black coat, especially in rich or light shades of navy. Or go navy with a textured version like this merino wool scarf by Canada Goose.

Navy Dresses

The navy dress is a fun alternative to the little black dress (the NBD?) This fitted Victoria Beckham midi dress is somehow sexy and modest at the same time. And there’s tons of different ways to accessorize it.

Navy Jewels

Navy jewels are a subdued but interesting look that can add a lot of drama to an outfit, and a great way to add some simple color near your face (hello sapphires!) A navy blue and gold pendant is an awesome option. This sapphire bar pendant by Anna Beck would be elegant worn alone, but it would also be a useful layering piece.

Navy Eyeliner

This is not your mother’s blue eyeshadow! If you normally wear black eyeliner, try swapping it for a deep navy for a slightly softer but still dramatic look (we recommend this particularly if you are over 40). This Laura Mercier cake eyeliner is an ideal choice. It works for every eye color but we especially love it with brown eyes.

Shop Navy for Spring

J. Crew Regent Blazer In Four-season Stretch, $198

See By Chloé Stretch Cotton-blend Satin-Piqué Shirt, $330

Canada Goose Basket-Stitch Merino Wool Scarf, $150

Victoria Beckham Ribbed Stretch-knit Midi Dress, $1,645

Anna Beck Sapphire Bar Pendant Necklace in 18K Gold-Plated Sterling Silver, 16″, $250

What are your go-to neutrals besides black?

– Jacqueline Zenn

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Wear Navy Instead of Black spring fashion

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  • Haralee 1 year ago Reply

    I just picked up a navy vest in a Charity shop. I thought it black but against my black jeans I could see it was a very dark navy. Who knew I am in!!

    Yeah! I love black with navy. Enjoy!

  • I find that navy is a lot more flattering to my skin tones and it also makes a nice change to black. Navy pants go with a lot of blues and greens (and pink shades) so I always have a pair on rotation.

    Yeah! Another convert. Mind you, I will never give up black, but navy is close and is a lot softer.

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