what to wear to a wedding

What to Wear to A Wedding This Summer

If you have a wedding (or weddings) to attend this summer, you might be wondering what to wear. And weddings can be a wonderful excuse for buying a new outfit or renting a fun new piece but they can also be stressful since there’s often a dress code and certain expectations for wedding guest attire. …

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boho style over 40

How To Style The Boho Chic Trend When You’re Over 40

If your personal style tends to sway towards casual and comfortable, then boho style could be a great option for you. I know when thinking “boho” your mind immediately goes to 20-somethings at Coachella with inappropriately short-shorts and glitter-bombed faces. However, that’s not the boho I’m talking about. Boho styles for women over 40 are …

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wear navy not black spring style

Why You Should Wear Navy, Not Black This Spring

We love black, and we know you probably love it too. However, sometimes it doesn’t always love us back, especially when we’re all in winter pale mode. And let’s face it, spring has yet to happen for most of us. Black can be pretty harsh against a lot of skin tones and it can be …

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