Drew Barrymore’s Style On Her TV Talk Show Is One To Emulate

I don’t know Drew Barrymore personally, but I can admit with steadfast conviction that she seems like the nicest person ever. She’s also genuinely charismatic, sweet and authentic too. Drew Barrymore is perfect person to … host a talk show maybe? Indeed, Drew has had her own talk show since 2020. And while Radar Online has reported that the A-list actress’s ratings are “hanging by a thread,” the network still believes that having The Drew Barrymore Show is worth its weight in gold and they have no plans to cancel. Meanwhile, the talk show remains and she continues to stand out for her sweet demeanor, her surprise guests and for Drew Barrymore’s style.

Drew Barrymore’s Style

Drew has always had somewhat of a boho style but this look has been ramped up for the talk show, with bright colors, menswear attire (think blazers, wide leg trousers, tweed), a mix of high and low fashion, and disco-inspired 70s looks (DVF jumpsuits, vests and necktie blouses, and prints.) Drew Barrymore’s style on her show is one that we can all emulate. It is professional yet fun, modest, and easy-to-wear, which is perfect for women over 40.

drew barrymore as a child on the red carpet
Drew Barrymore as a child.

As you can see she was ALWAYS a fashion icon. 


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Let’s take a deep dive into Drew’s incredible style in the last year and a half. 

Drew Barrymore Style On The Drew Barrymore Show

Drew Barrymore Style check pants suit green blouse fountainof30

The show’s stylist Lee Harris likes to mix up styles, adding patterns and colors along the way. I do love when we see Drew in a more refined and polished look, which is something she has been doing a lot more of lately, while making sure she doesn’t stray too far from her true self. This look is fashion at its finest. Drew pairs a sharp blazer and pants suit from Smythe with a Givenchy blouse and Jimmy Choo ankle boots. There are a few things that make this look amazing. The fact that the suit is matchy-matchy and the blouse in bright green both pack a punch. I also love the cuffed bottoms and the long and loose tie on her blouse. It gives the whole ensemble a playful look, something that is totally Drew, while keeping the look streamlined.

Drew Barrymore DVF jumpsuit fountainof30

Ahh, the coveted DVF jumpsuit worn by Ms. Barrymore herself. Drew is unpretentious and fun. So it doesn’t surprise me at all to see her wearing this graphic black and green print jumpsuit. This jumpsuit shows off everything that Drew is in the high-fashion world, without losing sense of who she is as a person. This look is simply put together and it is both elegant and bold. 

Drew Barrymore boho Style mix fountainof30

The colors are bold and bright but this look is utterly boho chick down to blue floral skirt. It’s hard to know whether she kept the blouse loose on purpose (the bow is not even tied) or if it came that way. Without the bright colors, this is more of a look I expected from Drew but she certainly dazzles in it. 

Drew Barrymore green shirt black skirt and vest

This look is a mix of styles like the one above. You have the plaid midi skirt and the juxtaposition of the refined green tie-neck blouse and vest. Drew seems to be a fan of wearing a vest and blouse, and she does it plenty of times on her show. Sometimes I want her to pick one or the other but it always works. It’s fun…and it’s signature Drew. 

drew barrymore fashion on TV talk show fountainof30

Just when you think Drew is sticking to her boho style with some refinement thrown in, she wears wide-leg trousers from Gabriela Hearst. (Fun fact: she wears Gabriela Hearst pants on the show often, and in other colors, too.) The pants give the whole look a disco vibe, which as I mentioned above is all part of the range of styles in Drew’s repertoire. The wide-leg trousers also give off that menswear-inspired feel which Drew likes to experiment with in some of her outfits. 

Drew Barrymore's style check skirt est abnd blouse fountainof30

Besides having a certain style, Drew also likes to re-wear pieces, like those pants. But even if she’s not re-wearing certain items, often the way her outfits are put together remains the same; vest over tie-neck blouse, skirt, boots and flower pin. 

Here, she opts for red and white instead of blue and white or blue and green. The vest is Etro and the blouse is Saint Laurent. The skirt is JW Anderson, and the shoes are Jimmy Choo.

If Drew Barrymore wants to seem approachable but playful and witty, it’s working. We adore Drew Barrymore’s style!

– Simona Shemer 

Photos: As a child by Bertrand Rindoff Petroff, The Drew Barrymore Show, Instagram 

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