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Worst Dressed Celebrities

Worst Dressed Celebrities In New York, Paris, and LA

Sarah Jessica Parker, Keira Knightley, Michelle Williams, and Marion Cotillard are all considered style stars. But even the biggest fashionistas have their Read More

best dressed at the Emmy Awards

The Best Dressed At The Emmy Awards 2018

It’s the battle of the networks! Netflix and HBO both won 23 awards apiece. Amazon won big for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Read More


Best Looks On The Celebrities In The Front Row at NYFW Spring 2019

If you follow Fountain of 30 on Instagram, then you probably saw Editor-In-Chief Lauren Dimet Waters’ recent post on September 7 from Read More

Age Appropriate Celebrity Style

Age Appropriate Celebrity Style

If it’s true the older you get, the wiser you are, does that mean the older you get the better your fashion? Read More

Ridiculous Outfits

Celebrity Style: Ridiculous Outfits Of The Summer

We’re knee-deep into August, so yes, bright colors and prints are in, but so are ridiculous outfits. I’m all for celebrities making Read More

Celebrity Style Summer Whites

Celebrity Style: Summer Whites With A Little Embellishment Tossed In For Measure

It’s not Labor Day just yet. Hey, it’s not even August! That means it’s the perfect opportunity to wear your best celebrity Read More

celebrity resort fashion

The Best Celebrity Resort Fashion That Will Inspire You Now

Resort wear can perhaps best be described as collections worn by the more “affluent” customers who spend their post-Christmas/New Year’s vacations in Read More