cargo pants for women over 50 fountainof30

The Best Ways to Wear Cargo Pants for Women Over 50

Cargo pants are popular once again and if you are remembering the super baggy versions that were popular in the 90s with fondness or nostalgia, then this fashion trend might be for you. Can Cargo Pants Work for Women Over 50? There’s no denying that cargo pants can be practical, and if you get a …

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what is a cocktail dress

What Is A Cocktail Dress And Why You Really Need One

Every woman needs a cocktail dress (or the equivalent dressy pants outfit). But what’s a cocktail dress? The dictionary definition is “an elegant dress suitable for semi-formal social occasions, falling to just below or just above the knee.” Most of us probably think of the classic little black dress (LBD) when we’re choosing cocktail or …

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