The Best Oscars 2024 Red Carpet Fashion: Barbiecore vs All Black

Barbieheimer, indeed! The 96th Annual Academy Awards was a great night for both Oppenheimer and the Barbie movie, even though Oppenheimer was nominated for 12 awards and Barbie had just seven. (Margot Robbie herself didn’t even get recognition.) And while Oppenheimer did score Best Supporting Actor, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Picture nods (among others), the Barbie movie made just as much impact, in the Best Original Song category, with Ryan Gosling’s rendition of “I’m Just Ken”, and of course, on the red carpet. The Oscars 2024 red carpet was loaded with Barbiecore gowns!

A lot of people were shocked that Margot Robbie chose to wear black to the Oscars, as we were used to her looks throughout the year amplifying Barbiecore or Barbie vintage. Meanwhile America Ferrera wore pink! This was interesting and out-of-the-box as usually it’s the other way around. But was it done on purpose? 

The Best Oscars 2024 Red Carpet Fashion

Oscars 2024 Red Carpet Fashion margot robbie black versace
Margot Robbie in Versace
America Ferrera in pink Versace fountainof30 review
America Ferrera in Versace

America, for her part, also wore Versace and I think it may be the best I’ve ever seen her look! 


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Also, some media publications are calling Margot’s look brown. What do you think?

Barbiecore is all about embracing pink. Here are some other stunning pink looks from the red carpet. 

Barbiecore on the Oscars 2024 Red Carpet

Oscars 2024 Red Carpet Fashion Ariana Grande barbiecore
Ariana Grande in Giambattista Valli

This was a little much for me. It almost went on my Worst Dressed list. But alas, it’s Barbiecore to the fullest! 

Zendaya in Armani Prive 

Zendaya might be young, but she’s certainly one of the scene stealers in fashion right now. I’m eager to see how her striking looks evolve as she gets older. 

More importantly, Barbiecore is about embracing vibrant hues or bringing your own version of Barbie to the red carpet. Here are some other looks I saw that best exemplified that.

Lupita Ny’ongo in Armani Prive
Hailee Steinfeld in Elie Saab
Brittany Snow in Monot
Marlen Matlin in Rodarte
Da’Vine Joy Randolph in Louis Vuitton
Charlize Theron in Dior
anya taylor joy dior
Anya Taylor-Joy in Dior
Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

This, to me, still supports the Barbiecore trend, as Margot Robbie herself has worn her fair share of polka-dot inspired looks

Sculpted Looks 

In a departure from the Barbiecore, a lot of Hollywood glam showed up in the form of sculpted looks, which for me, are a personal favorite. I love when a fashionista can pull up something that looks architectural, like a work of art. The following celebs did not disappoint.

Cynthia Erivo in Louis Vuitton

Peplum tops – or bottoms? are all the rage. See below.

Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton
Carey Mulligan in Balenciaga
Gabrielle Union in Carolina Herrera
Sandra Hüller in Schiaparelli

I’m not a fan of the wings at the neckline, but this actress certainly isn’t known for keeping quiet in her fashion. I love that the look is elegant but just different enough to get everyone looking. 

Emily Blunt in Schiaparelli

This is a departure from Emily Blunt’s usual look. Besides flora, I expected a bolder hue or something that was more romantic. Perhaps she wanted to shy away from the Barbiecore, or wear something more modern. I’m not a fan of the hair or the makeup or the color of the dress (and the non-fitted straps were distracting), but I understand what she was going for here and I think she mostly succeeded. 

Oscars 2024 Fashion: Awards Show Black 

Black seems to be all the rage this awards show season as the celebs definitely aren’t shying away from it. 

Danielle Brooks in Dolce & Gabbana

This was definitely a great look on her. 

Lily Gladstone in Gucci x Joe Big Mountain

To pay homage to her indigenous community, Lily Gladstone had Gucci collaborate with quillwork artist Joe Big Mountain. 

Issa Rae in AMI Paris
Maitreyi Ramakrishna in Zuhair Murad

I didn’t realize this was the same girl from the Netflix show Never Have I Ever. She looks so grown up here – and stunning.

Vanessa Hudgens in Vera Wang

No one knew Vanessa Hudgens was pregnant until this appearance, and no one should have to know. I think the best thing about this look is that it was a nice surprise. 

Oscars 2024 Red Carpet Fashion: Worst Dressed 

So the women of the Worst Dressed list aren’t the worst I’ve ever seen, but they definitely have looked better. 

Michelle Yeoh in Balenciaga

Michelle Yeoh is usually known for a stunning red carpet look, but this one sadly disappoints. I think it has to do with the collar being overly complicated. I’ve just seen her wear better.

Florence Pugh in Del Core

I used to be a big fan of Florence Pugh’s style but then she started experimenting and I’ve never seen her look worse. There is too much going on in this corset and the color doesn’t do her any favors. 

Andrea Riseborough in Loewe

I hate to say this but I feel like if Tilda Swinton had worn this, she could have pulled it off. But not this actress. Although maybe she’s trying to be the next Tilda Swinton? 

Billie Eilish in Chanel

Here we go again. I don’t know what point she is trying to prove but it is not working. 

Do you have a favorite look from the Oscars 2024 red carpet?

–Simona Shemer 

Photos: Red Carpet Fashion Awards,, EOnline 

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