How To Rock The Oversized Fashion Trend Like the Celebrities

In the world of fashion, bigger truly is better. This season, no style trend has made as grand an entrance as the big and bold oversized look. Embraced by designers and celebrities alike, the oversized fashion trend goes beyond simply wearing larger garments. It’s an artful play with proportions that elevates style to a whole new level. The secret lies not just in the size of the clothing, but in the meticulous balance of elements that create a chic and even somewhat sculpted look. 

The Oversized Fashion Trend

Mastering this style is all about precision, where the key is to enhance the volume without losing definition and to have some sartorial fun without looking totally engulfed by fabric. It’s a delicate balance – a fusion of fashion and finesse, where oversized allure also meets refined tailoring.

How the Celebrities Go Oversized

The thing about oversized fashion is that it can come in all forms. But while oversized trousers and baggy jeans are having their moment, let’s focus on oversized blazers and coats and how celebrities like Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, and Jennifer Lawrence wear them.


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Oversized Blazers

Margot Robbie black oversized blazer fountainof30

Margot Robbie 

Now that we’ve become used to seeing Margot Robbie in so much Barbiecore, it’s super fun when we notice her wearing something much different. Back in May 2023, the actress styled a baggy double-breasted tuxedo jacket with rolled-up jeans and chunky Prada oxfords. There was something so chic about her look and so modern at the same time. Yes, it was last year, but this look is still super fresh.

Jennifer Lopez in Valentino Oversized Fashion Trend fountainof30

Jennifer Lopez

Just ask Jennifer Lopez, who wore a slouchy light-gray blazer over a light blue mock-neck blouse and a mustard-colored mermaid skirt from the Valentino Spring 2024 couture collection in New York where she was the musical guest on SNL. 

That’s the thing about oversize blazers. You can throw them over a day look like Margot and they definitely polish up jeans or a romantic skirt. But then you can also take them into night. As we move into spring, the oversize blazer becomes a great layering piece for a chillier evening and adds sculpted flair to any ensemble. 

Eva Longoria oversized gray pantsuit Oversized Fashion Trend fountainof30

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria loves a good pantsuit and she’s been known to wear as many as three in one day. These streamlined power suits all come with one major attribute – the oversize blazer. The actress and director debuted another groufit (yes, that’s grey outfit) when she attended the SCAD Savannah Film Festival in a gray three-piece suit with baggy trousers and and oversized jacket over a button-up vest. The best thing about an oversized power suit like this one is you mean business and look stylish doing it. 

Oversized Fashion Trend: Coats 

Jennifer Lawrence oversized coat fountainof30

Jennifer Lawrence

I know, I know…we’re coming into spring, so this oversize camel coat worn by Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t exactly seem fitting. But let’s take some inspiration from it anyway, shall we?

Vogue calls it the “stealth wealth” style. Others say quiet luxury. They suggest the look makes the case for elevated basics. And that’s what going oversize does for a look, doesn’t it? Of course the camel color helps too, as does JLaw’s effortless chic ensemble and “devil-may-care” sunglasses. And no, it doesn’t need to be in wool. A trench or windbreaker will do. All you need is an oversize collar or striking lapels and a khaki-colored hue to make this look soar. 

Dua Lipa in black leather oversized maxi coat fountainof30

Dua Lipa

Nothing says oversize chic like a strong-shouldered statement coat. It’s goth meets the Matrix for Dua Lipa in this exaggerated jacket with buttons on the front. I like the leather, the oversized sleeves, even the fact that she left it open. But that’s why she’s Dua Lipa. Not everyone can pull off this loud leather look. It’s raw and daring and apparently not her first oversize piece. She’s been seen in an oversize pinstripe suit, a black and white tiger print coat, and a number of oversize trenches, according to US Weekly.

Zoe Saldana oversized jacket and pants celeb style fountainof30

Honorable Mention: Zoe Saldana

In March, Zoe Saldana was in New York City promoting her new film “The Absence of Eden.” And of course, the first look she was photographed in was oversized. The blazer was sleek but baggy on her petite frame and her Arket’s Cloud jeans were exaggerated but cool on her long legs. I love everything about the relaxed sophistication of this outfit, including the high-end Gucci statement bag. And I’m happy to see that the oversized trend can do that for her. 

How would you wear an oversized piece? Let me know.

– Simona Shemer 

Photos:, Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Vogue 

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