How To Wear The Oversized Blazer Trend for Women Over 50

The oversized blazer trend is back again! And while you may have loved them in the past, you might not be quite sure how to wear them today. You certainly don’t want to look like an 80s throwback, or like you are trying too hard to look young. Fear not, because women over 50 can indeed wear the trend. I took a look at Net-a-Porter and found modern and sophisticated ways to style an oversized blazer. Some of these looks may remind you of the past, along with the comfort, but they are totally fresh takes on the trend. Here’s how to wear oversized jackets and blazers today.

Oversized Blazer Trend for Women Over 50

Rag & Bone Icons Andie oversized Blazer fountainof30
Rag & Bone Icons Andie Double-Breasted Wool-blend Twill Blazer, $595

Oversized Blazer With Jeans

Here is an example of one of the easiest ways to style an oversized blazer. Wear it over a white t-shirt and blue denim jeans. Since there is so much volume in the jacket, it is best to wear jeans that are cut fitted in the legs and are flared or straight leg at the bottom. Slip on some black boots and you are good to go. This look is both casual and polished. Besides it gives you a bit of power and authority because of the oversized blazer.

Acne Studios Oversized Pinstriped Blazer fountainof30
Acne Studios Oversized Pinstriped Woven Blazer, $850

Casual Oversized Jacket With Sneakers

Here is a novel way to dress down a menswear-inspired pinstripe oversized jacket. Wear it over a bright slim-fitting colored turtleneck with high-waisted khakis or cargo pants and a comfy pair of sneakers. You can also wear wide leg trousers with an oversized blazer but, again, avoid too much volume at the bottom or you may drown in the oversize look.


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Acne Studios Oversized Woven Blazer, $800

The Oversized Jacket For Cocktails

Besides styling an oversized blazer with jeans or pants, you can also wear it for dressier occasions. The same black oversized jacket can go for cocktails or even black tie when worn over a lace or textured knit dress or skirt ensemble be and solves the dilemma of what to wear over a cocktail dress.

The Row Black blazer and skirt fountainof30
The Row Obine Oversized Grain de Poudre Wool Blazer, $2,450

Oversized Blazer Belted With A Skirt

We did this in the 80s, and it’s still one of the more flattering ways to wear an oversized blazer. Belt your blazer with a wide belt (or belt bag in this case) for a more fitted look at the waist. And you can wear a skirt with it too. This long A-line midi skirt works because it is fitted at the hips and keeps the look long and lean. I adore this look from The Row for women over 50 because it is so elegant and modern. (Only you might want to wear a top under it!)

stella mccartney white suit
Stella McCartney Belted Embellished Twill Blazer, $1,995 and Cropped Wide-leg Pants, $1,195

Oversized Blazer Pant Suit

This season you will notice a lot of suits with an oversized blazer and super slouchy pants. However the best way to wear it is with a more fitted pair of pants. This pant suit looks balanced with the smooth fitting wide leg crop pants. The belt helps to shape the jacket too. This is a far cry from the spandex leggings we wore under our oversized jackets in the 80s. It’s a new way to wear it.

Acne Studios Oversized Woven Blazer
Acne Studios Oversized Woven Blazer, $800

Mix It Up!

This last look may be a little trendy, but it can totally work for women of all ages. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! Mix print pants with bold colors (that don’t usually go together) like this orange jacket over a pale violet button front shirt. And layer it on! You can even wear a cardigan under an oversized jacket because there is plenty of room. Get creative when it comes to fashion, and look to designers to inspire you.

Oversized Blazer Styling Tips

  1. Proportions are key. Since the jacket is oversized you need to keep your base layers closer to the body for a more flattering look. Wear slim-fitting tops and sweaters, and sleeker styling through the hips for pants, skirts and dresses. The oversized jacket can be overwhelming so you don’t want to oversize the rest of your outfit.
  2. Avoid oversized pants. Pleated pants and pants that are so long they are pooled at the ankles are difficult to pull  off. This look on-trend, but is one you may want to avoid because it is not easy to wear. That’s why high-waisted flare, wide or straight leg cropped pants balance off the jacket in a clean way.
  3. Belt it! Try belting an oversized jacket to nip it in at the waist. You may like the trend better this way because it won’t look so boxy. You can also try a belt bag.
  4. Layer it on and experiment. You can also forget all these rules and just have fun styling a big jacket. Layer it on and try wearing it over different fabrics, prints and textures. This is one trend that is actually quite functional, because it will keep y0u warm!

Shop Oversized Blazers for Less

The designer blazers are fabulous, but I found some oversized blazers for you to shop for less.

Are you ready to rock an oversized blazer? How will you wear one?

Carol Calacci

Photos: Net-a-Porter

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