Oversized But Just Right: How To Rock The Oversized Trend At Any Age

Oversized pieces like sweatshirts, jackets and pants and tops of all kinds are certainly comfortable. But they definitely can look sloppy, disheveled or just altogether unflattering. Plus, if you are anything like us, you are simply over wearing sweats, hoodies, or any kind of outfit that reads as loungewear, at least when you leave the house. However, you can rock the oversized trend and it works for women of all ages.

How To Rock The Oversized Trend

Pants, tops, and jackets with some extra volume can look absolutely fabulous. They can also be a fun way to play with proportion and create new silhouettes. Plus an oversized piece can be super comfortable and relaxing to wear in a way that fitted items just aren’t. 

Here are some of the best ways to go big and add some extra drama to your outfits right now.


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The Coziest Oversized Sweaters

One of our favorite ways to rock the oversized trend is with a big sweater or even a chunky sweater vest. This is a classic look, of course, but you can make it modern with newer shapes, like poet sleeves on a big sweater, like this one by Free People. The traditional preppy sweater vest also gets an update when you make it oversized – check out this cable knit one from Levi’s. 

The Widest Leg Pants

We don’t necessarily mean palazzos (although we do always love that look), but lounge pants or soft pants that are wide legged work well. Pairing them with a fitted tee or top that’s cut close to the body is a fun way to play with proportion, but we also like them paired with an oversized top that’s tucked in to create some definition at the waist. 

The Gabi Wide Leg Lounge pants from UGG are a great option that feel like sweatpants but look a bit dressier, making them super versatile whether you are working from home or going back to the office, or anything in between. The key to making oversize comfy pants work in nearly any situation (well, maybe not black-tie) is to avoid cuffs of any kind and keep the waist clean – no drawstring or pockets to mess with the line. 

Slouchy Tees And Sweatshirts

Wearing an oversize tee, hoodie, or sweatshirt is one of the trickiest things to pull off without looking sloppy or like you just ran outside in your sweats or pajamas. 

However, the key is in the styling and the length – a baggy hoodie that’s just a little cropped (like this one from Adidas) worn over a longer top and narrow bottoms can be pretty flattering, especially if you want to draw attention away from your bustline. 

Huge Scarves

Perhaps the easiest way to try out the extreme oversize look is with a huge scarf. Throw it on over everything and it’s practically like having a comforting blanket wrapped around yourself at all times. These come in virtually every style and color. We’re fans of this colorblocked plaid extra-long one from Market & Layne via Amazon

Big Button-Ups

There’s something appealing about the many ways that you can wear an oversize button-up shirt. Shirts like this can be paired with straight or even wide legs and some statement jewelry and chunky boots for an artsy look, or keep it sleek and simple with leggings for a minimalist style. While white and light blue are the classic option, we also like this blush pink version from French Connection that would look excellent with black, ivory, olive, denim, or any other neutral hue.  

Giant Coats

An oversized coat can be super-luxe, and also practical if you live in a cold climate and like to layer (the bigger the coat, the more you can fit underneath). A coat like this from Uaneo at Amazon is essentially an extra-long shacket that you could throw over anything, or size up in a standard trench style and belt it to add some shape.  

Shop The Oversized Trend

Pictured above from left to right:

Free People Carter Pullover Sweater, now $57.82

Levi’s Agi Sweater Vest, now $49.98

Ugg Gabi Wide Legged Pant, $88

Adidas Crop Hoodie, $65

French Connection Crolenda Button-Down Top, now $70.80

Market & Layne Store Extra Long Scarf, $14.99

UANEO Plaid Button Down Long Puff Sleeve Long Trench Coat, $42.99

Are you into the oversized look, or do you think its just overwhelming? How do you like to play with proportion and volume? Let us know in the comments or in our Growing Younger Facebook group! 

–Jacqueline Zenn

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