5 of The Best Ways to Wear a Shacket When You are Over 40

What is a shacket? You get the idea from the name, it’s a combination of shirt and a jacket. Or you can think of it as a heavy weight button down shirt, often with pockets and cuffs. Or you can think of it as jacket that is styled like a shirt.

When I first noticed this heavy shirt style jacket recently, I was reminded of the CPO jackets we wore in the 70s. Especially when I saw them in plaid wool. If you are too young you may not know what a CPO jacket is. It was an army shirt issued for Chief Petty Officers in the US Navy from the 1930s through WWI. They were heavy wool, very sturdy and warm enough to be a jacket. CPO jackets were actually a deep navy blue, but in the 70s the same style was made in plaid wools, mostly for men. Women borrowed the look from the boys and wore them too, in a sort of casual and rebellious way.

How To Wear a Shacket Over 40

Today the shacket is a cool and trendy look. But what are the best ways to wear a shacket when you are over 40? Here are 5 of my favorite ways to style them.


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Solid Monochrome Shacket

It’s safe try the look in a solid color shacket and wear it over a solid base. Your base can be a black or neutral turtleneck with matching pants, jeans or leggings. This will pull the look together in a sophisticated way. Oversize styles are in but if you feel that is not flattering on you, find a more fitted shacket. Which brings me to one of my next favorite ways to style it.

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Belted Shacket

Try a belted shacket for a more flattering look. In this case, you can bring on the plaids, because a belted shacket bears no resemblance of a CPO coat of the 70s or a grungy plaid shirt of the 90s. A belted shacket works perfectly over everything including jeans, slim skirts, pleated skirts, leggings, leather pants and wide leg trousers. Since your waist is defined you can wear move volume on your bottom half if you choose. A belted shacket is the easiest to style because it works with almost everything.

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The Leather Shacket Over 40

Hands down, a leather or faux leather shacket is one of the most modern ways to wear the trend. I love the look of a leather shacket with an all black or monochrome base, but you can mix up textures and fabrics with leather as well. Go with a slightly oversized leather shacket to avoid a 70s leisure suit look, or find a flattering belted one. Wear it like you wear your favorite leather biker jacket.

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The Long Shacket

A long shacket is easy to style because you simply wear it like a coat. But to keep the look sophisticated wear it with coordinating colors and a sleek base like a fitted shirt or sweater with skinny jeans or pants. You will want to balance the volume of a long shacket with slimmer-fitting clothing.

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The Statement Shacket Over 40

There are a wide variety of statement-making shackets available in bold and unusual colored plaids, wild animal prints, or in soft textures like fleece, sherpa, or quilted fabrics. Some shackets are oversized, have puff sleeves, and include other embellishments like embroidery, trims, colorblolcking and details. If you’re going to wear this trendy jacket style, why not make it bold and fun? Keep the rest of your outfit simple and let the shacket stand out and make a statement.

Are you going to try this trend? Which of these shacket styles would you like to wear?

Carol Calacci

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