How To Brighten Up Your Home For Spring In A Snap!

Spring is in the air! It may still be chilly out but a change of season should happen any minute now. You can smell spring and tell it’s trying to fight its way in by the buds beginning to bloom. Help it along by brightening up your home with some cheery flowers and other fair weather reminders. Here’s how to brighten up your home for spring.

How to Brighten Up Your Home for Spring

Tulips and Vases

Tulips seem to be everywhere I look these days. They are simple, elegant and come in every imaginable color to complement any room and mood. Traditional pyramid shaped tulip vases originated in Asia and became popular in Western Europe in the 1500’s. The flowers were very expensive and prized so tulips were displayed in this style vase in white to show off every bloom. They were often used to decorate the hearth when the weather became too warm to have a fire lit. There are many modern, smaller scale varieties available today that pay homage to this historical vase.

Leafy Looks

Leaves are a versatile design element that will bring the outdoors in as a floral alternative. A large vase of assorted leafy branches will last longer than flowers and can be a lot more abundant without breaking the bank. Leaf shaped trays are beautiful serving pieces or can be grouped on a tabletop as a collection. Michael Aram has a wide range of leaf species in assorted metals. You might also consider adding some throw pillows with leaf designs to your sofa. They are more neutral than most other patterns and will add a lot of life to your room.


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Colorful Linens

Table linens can be switched out seasonally to redefine your style as often as you wish. Try a floral cloth on a side table or a leafy runner on your cocktail table. Table linens should not be confined to just the dining room. A pretty placemat will ground a collection of accessories making them more cohesive. A multi colored cloth or floral room divider can pull together other colors in your space which will make everything flow.

Spring Scents

Home fragrance is a simple way to brighten up your space without making any changes to your space. Choose a candle, room spray, incense, or a diffuser in a fresh, lively scent. Consider a citrus scent to energize you, or a deep floral fragrance to add warmth. It is the perfect way to completely change the feeling of your space instantly.

Enjoy the spring and fingers crossed it will warm up soon!

Shop for Your Home for Spring

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–Madeleine Donovan

Madeleine is an Interior Designer and founder of Madeleine Donovan Interiors. Visit and on Facebook @mdichicago.

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  1. There’s just something cheering about leaves and greenery in a home. Especially when one is looking out on acres of snow!
    Thank you for these sweet suggestions!


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