Expert Tips On How To Transform Your Home With Textiles

Textiles have always been my favorite thing about design work. There are so many truly beautiful fabrics everywhere and for me it’s often one trim or swatch that inspires an entire design scheme. I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively and it has afforded me countless opportunities to see how textiles are finished in other cultures. Experts can tell by the type of stitching on a piece exactly where it was created. In interior design there are multitudes of ways to use textiles in your home other than the expected furniture upholstery and draperies.

How To Use Textiles In Your Home

How To Use Textiles In Your Home felt florals, wall fabric, pom pom drapes, tassles

Decorate With Felt Florals

There are plenty of artists using felt these days and detailed felt flowers make a great impact. They can be used for a flower arrangement, covering a wreath for your door, or stitched on a pillow or slipcover to give them a pop of color and personalization. Felt flowers look amazing when grouped en mass on a wall, creating an unexpected garden while adding texture and dimension to a normally boring wall.


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Cover Your Walls With Fabric

When I was younger my mother decided instead of paint or wallpaper we should cover my bedroom walls with fabric. She had a big bolt of Laura Ashley fabric that had a white background and a small yellow leafy floral pattern. It was a lovely fabric. The room was quite large with a lot of windows and doors to work around, but she was convinced we could do this project ourselves. She learned you can apply the fabric using starch so it does not damage the walls and can be easily removed. It is also a very forgiving method that allows the fabric to be moved after it is placed.

I remember spending so much time brushing the walls to get out the bubbles with my sister who shared the room. I think we were about 10-12 years old. This kind of thing was not so unusual in our house. My mother has been old school DIY for as long as I can remember. The texture of the linen softened the room so much more than flat wall paper ever could.

How To Use Textiles As Artwork

If covering walls with fabric is too much for you, try some panels of fabric as artwork. Look for something spectacular to have framed or wrap a canvas in a pattern to add color and movement to your space. If you come across some beautiful trim or tassels create a display in a shadow box. Another idea is to cover the frame of a picture or mirror to change the look completely.

Layer Textiles To Add Texture

Layering textiles adds depth to a styled room and when the various items have a lot of texture it makes the room even more rich and decadent. A quilted blanket over the back of the sofa, fringed pillows scattered on the furniture, tassel trim on the drapes, and a Moroccan Wedding Blanket covered in vintage sequins hanging on the wall will make your space look eclectic and inviting.

Shop Textiles for Your Home

Pictured above from left to right:

Easy Wool Felt Succulents and Felt Flowers, from $32

Moroccan Wedding Blanket, $340

Anthropologie Mindra Curtain, $78 – $108

Cost Plus World Market Rice Paper Star Shadow Box Wall Art, $129.99

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Peri Home Fringe Pillow, $29.99

Serena & Lily Sutter Linen Quilt, $290


– Madeleine

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How to use textiles in in your home

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