How To Make Your Nest With Feather Home Decor

I fell in love this week. With a lamp. Not just any lamp, this is a piece of art right out of a dream. It’s gilded, slim and elegant tree trunk base is topped with a plume of lush, billowing ostrich feathers. I have seen many other light fixtures made with feathers but they are more whimsical or charming. You can design an entire room around one feather home decor lamp. This lamp is a showstopper and the epitome of sophistication. It comes in four base finishes and the choice of fourteen hand dyed feather colors to work with any decor.

Feather Home Decor

While researching something else online this lamp popped up out of the blue and I immediately had to know more about it. The lamp is from a British company called A Modern Grand Tour and visiting their website is akin to going down a rabbit home to say the least. It is a modern day curiosities shop filled with fascinating relics, old and new. In addition they have a property you can rent out that appears to be filled with their complete catalogue. They will pick you up by car from anywhere in the UK, arrange for a private jet if you are further away, and will even send a helicopter to pick you up if you choose. I highly recommend you take a little “staycation” perusing their website at

How To Design Your Nest With Feathers

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Faced with the impossibility of getting this lamp out of my head I was reminded of all the other feather home decor design pieces I have seen over the years. Always being attracting to the charm of birds, feathers have held a special respect from me. I love how they can be presented in so many different styles from juvenile to top notch elegance. I believe feathers are one of the few elements that will always be in style in some form or another.


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There are many ways to bring feathers into your home as a statement or just a small surprise to come across. A plethera of wallpapers are out there with feather designs on them that would be fun to decorate a powder room. Small rooms are the ideal place to make a statement because they do not always need to match the other rooms they are connected to. Turn it into a little jewel box where your imagination can run wild.

The large, round feather wallhangings copied from tribal headdresses used in important ceremonies have been popular for a while but I think they are still a neat way to add dimension to a wall. Available in many colors they can either soften a room or add a pop of color. Grouped together they are an amazing art installation you can personalize to your own taste. The texture and depth of them is an interesting transition from flat wall art.

For a small, fun taste of this look try a mirror or some feather hooks in an otherwise boring nook. A feather wreath will cover several seasons and is a perfect post-Christmas treatment when the decorations must come down but you do not want to be left with a boring home. A mat decked in charming feathers at your front door will be a warm welcome to all who enter.

Shop Feather Home Decor

Pictured above from left to right.

A Modhern Grand Tour The Feather Lamp, £4,200.00

Etsy Juju Art House Juju Hat Wall Decor, $130

Horchow The Phillips Collection Feathers Gold Leaf Wall Art, Set of 2, now $165

Pottery Barn Kids White Feather Mirror, now $159

Threshold™ Feather Hooks set of 5, Silver, $19.99

Etsy Roll N Roll Wallpapers Feather Wallpaper, $66.33

Lumens Eos Floor Lamp By Soren Ravn Christensen for UMAGE, $396.00 – $642.00

Wayfair Feather Float White Area Rug, now $39.99

Pottery Barn Live Turkey Pheasant Feather & Manolia Wreath, $129

Feather your nest and stay warm this winter!


– Madeleine

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