The Best Style Celebrities Who Will All Be 50 This Year!

What do stars like Cate Blanchett, Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwen Stefani, Ellen Pompeo and Jennifer Aniston have in common? Besides the fact that they’re all A-listers, these stars were all born in 1969, which means they’re all turning 50 this year. That’s the big 5-0! Thanks to what’s likely an amazing regimen, none of them look older than their years and fortunately for us, their fashion has followed suit. Let’s take a look at why these “middle-age” mavens are striking gold in the style department. Here are the best style celebrities who will be 50!

Best Style Celebrities At Age 50

cate blanchett wearing a black and red satin jumpsuit with an oversize red bow on the back
Cate Blanchett in Alexander McQueen

Cate Blanchett Mixes It Up

Actress Cate Blanchett has always had a penchant for great style, from perfect patterned dresses to style-savvy suiting. She doesn’t play it safe and has taken risks with her looks, honing in on a statement print or a sculpted bow (see the back of her Alexander McQueen dress.)

Never one to take it too far though, she knows what is age appropriate, making sure to always go back to the things that work with classic cuts and timeless elegance.


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Catherine Zeta-Jones in emerald green satin gown on the red carpet best style celebrities who will be 50
Catherine Zeta-Jones in Elie Saab 

Catherine Zeta-Jones Wears Bold Jewel Tones

Michael Douglas is one lucky man and he has a gorgeous wife to prove it. Besides her incredible looks, however, Catherine Zeta-Jones, turning 50 this year, has had a great run on the red carpet this awards season and shows no signs of stopping. But even while taking risks with her gowns (a plunging neckline at the SAGs and no jewelry at the Golden Globes), she manages to look fantastic and age appropriate, proving women over 40 should wear more color.

J Lo singing on stage in white Galia Lahav lace pant suit with train
Jennifer Lopez in Galia Lahav

Jennifer Lopez Stands Out In The Crowd

Besides the fact that she can wear palazzo-style pants and still look awe-inspiring, it’s the age-old question – JLo, what’s your secret? How do you never age? It’s safe to say that Jenny From The Block looks better than she did in her days as a Fly Girl in the comedy skit show In Living Color. Is it more than just good genes? She obviously takes care of herself, she exercises, maintains a strong beauty routine, and eats well. And so we don’t bat an eye when she wears a giant bubblegum pink number at the NYC premiere of her new movie. But I much prefer her toned down ensembles. Wear those belly shirts, girl, but make sure to include an elegant silhouette in between.

gwen stefani street style in round floral print sunglasses a colorblock sporty jacket and denim jeans
Gwen Stefani in sporty style

Gwen Stefani Keeps On Trend

Gwen Stefani has always been a fashion powerhouse whether it was her 90s emo style or her more recent punk rocker meets high-end fashion. She usually adds a touch of trendy to her sporty looks, and throws a wild card into an otherwise toned down ensemble. While I wouldn’t recommend that all soon-to-be 50-year olds dress like the former No Doubt rocker, I do feel we can learn a thing or two about adding your own spin to the latest style.

– Simona Shemer

Photos: Cate Blanchett, Tom and Lorenzo | Catherine Zeta-Jones, Eonline | Jennifer Lopez, Galia Lahav | Gwen Stefani,

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Celebrity style still killing it at 50 Gwen Stefani in round sunglasses and sporty jacket

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