4 Unique Celebrity Style Dresses You’ll Actually Want To Wear

unique celebrity style dresses

Don’t try these at home — or do? Yes, celebrity fashionistas are the biggest style risk-takers on the planet, but the thing that makes the following style icons stand out is that the dresses they are donning are totally wearable. Which means you can look great in these unique celebrity style dresses, too.

Remember, the right fabric, silhouette, and cut can all go into a great dress but at the end of the day, it’s the stylish woman who’s wearing it that really makes an unusual frock stand out. These four looks are perfect examples of celebrity style dresses you will want to to wear.

4 Unique Celebrity Style Dresses You’ll Actually Want To Wear

unique celebrity style dresses Mandy Moore In blackprint retro dress Getting Into Car

Mandy Moore

Retro: Mandy Moore in Christy Dawn Sebastian Snow Floral Dress

Taking us back to another year, the newly engaged Mandy Moore looks gorgeous in this patterned retro-inspired Christy Dawn Sebastian Snow Floral dress which retails for $192. The silhouette is perfect on her and those leathery, vintage-inspired Oxford flats are everything! It’s definitely a LOOK, but one that many fashion-savvy females can rock.

unique celebrity style dresses Priyanka Chopra on red carpet in Armani dress

Priyanka Chopra

Shimmering: Priyanka Chopra in Giorgio Armani

Stunning Priyanka Chopra may have been at the same event as Kim Kardashian, but she definitely showed her up in this shimmery evening look. And it wasn’t just that Tiffany’s necklace and that giant engagement ring that did all the talking. This Giorgio Armani dress is everything. Its almost see-through but not quite with a lovely way of being worn on her body, one where she’s wearing the dress and it’s not wearing her.

unique celebrity style dresses Thandie Newton black Fendi dress on red carpet

Thandie Newton

Velvet: Thandie Newton in Fendi

Luscious velvet and Thandie Newton are everything. With a small baubles and a sweet v-neck neckline, of course. Also, this embellished dress has a beautiful feminine silhouette with just a hint of party girl, all wrapped up in a unique fabric.

unique celebrity style dresses Alice Eve in Carolina Herrera sequined gown

Alice Eve

Sequins: Alice Eve in Carolina Herrera

This unique celebrity style look does not scream Carolina Herrera to me. The ladylike designer is definitely known more for delicate looks and feminine silhouettes. I still love the design though and if this doesn’t scream disco, I don’t know what does. Kudos to the label for something out of the box that looks fabulous, too.

So are you ready to try any of these 4 celebrity style dresses you’ll actually want to wear? If so which one do you see yourself in most?

– Simona Shemer

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Photos: Mandy Moore, WhoWhatWear.com; Priyanka Chopra and Thandie Newton, People.com; Alice Eve, Celebsfirst.com

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Alice Eve in Carolina Herrera Sequin Celebrity Style Dress

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