white summer home decor fountainof30

It’s Time To Go Bright White! Summer Home Decor Ideas

Tis the season to go bright white! The often unforgiving heat of summer is a great time to lighten up your home color scheme. The air conditioning may have to work a little less if you are in a cool mindset and surrounding yourself with white can bring you there. Light, airy fabrics and slick, …

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teal and turquoise color trend

Teal vs Turquoise: How to Add The Color Trend To Your Home

Everywhere I turn, I see bluish-greenish hues covering all sorts of home design elements. From brightly colored kitchen cabinets to soft, silky rugs, the teal and turquoise color trend is literally popping up everywhere. Often it is hard to simply put the these colors into a green or blue category as they seem to traverse …

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