teal and turquoise color trend

Teal vs Turquoise: How to Add The Color Trend To Your Home

Everywhere I turn, I see bluish-greenish hues covering all sorts of home design elements. From brightly colored kitchen cabinets to soft, silky rugs, the teal and turquoise color trend is literally popping up everywhere. Often it is hard to simply put the these colors into a green or blue category as they seem to traverse …

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How To Use Textiles In Your Home grey blue pillows on bed

Expert Tips On How To Transform Your Home With Textiles

Textiles have always been my favorite thing about design work. There are so many truly beautiful fabrics everywhere and for me it’s often one trim or swatch that inspires an entire design scheme. I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively and it has afforded me countless opportunities to see how textiles are finished in …

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fall decorating ideas fountainof30

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas From A Pro

As much as you may hate to think about it, summer is very short lived and the inevitable is about to happen. Fortunately the inevitable is fall! In my lifetime of polling friends and family, fall is most people’s favorite season. Since we were young children there is a great excitement about fall. It is …

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