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The Best Wide Leg Pants For Women Over 50

By now you’ve probably heard that skinny jeans are dead and we should all be returning to wider legs and flares. While you couldn’t pay us enough to revisit the super low-rise bootcut trend of the late nineties and early aughts, we are kind of loving the wide leg pants that are hitting the racks …

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Wear Now & Later: REALLY Wide Leg Pants

True, super skinnies are back in a major way, but if you want something really MAJOR try going the polar opposite with super wide leg pants and jeans! We are talking almost palazzo pants here. The look and vibe is more 90’s (think Red Hot Chili Peppers) than 70’s (not Abba) so make sure the detailing is not screaming hippie. You want these pants to be almost baggy and in some cases, dare I say…pleated? If you are a bit confused, take a look at the ones I found

Trend To Try: Wide Leg Pants

To be honest, wide leg pants remind me a bit of the 90’s palazzo pant trend and while I  just can’t go there again… I am finding myself yearning for a pair for spring (check out my Recliner Pajama Bottoms I wear as pants). Yes, they are a big trend for Spring ’16. Since I …

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