How To Wear The Off-The-Shoulder Top Trend Over 50

We tried to avoid it but the off the shoulder top trend is prevailing once again this season. Several years ago we took a united stand and advised women over 50 to skip it along with cold shoulder looks (which we really hate) but many of our readers have communicated they like it and we feel we need to clarify. We agree that some women over 50 can totally wear the look and we like some of the new variations for 2022. So now of course, I am warming up to the trend. Yet, there are some pointers (we don’t like rules) to follow.

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We prefer off the shoulder tops that do not have elastic at the hem (you don’t want to be tugging at both ends) and are happy to find some longer tunic style tops like this Pomander Place Lilac Miranda Off the Shoulder Blouse, now on sale for $74. The longer length is much more flattering, elongates the torso, will not poof out in front which makes you look bigger – and and will not ride up. Score!


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Some of the updates on off-the-shoulder tops this season include interesting asymmetric and one-shoulder looks. This Acler Watford Draped One-Shoulder Top for $220 is a perfect example. The side ruching is flattering at the waist and you can wear one strap on a convertible bra with this top, which makes it comfortable to wear. This top is an elegant and sophisticated way to wear an off-the-shoulder top.

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Another option is to find a top that can be worn on or off the shoulders like this Treasure & Bond Shirred Off the Shoulder Top from Nordstrom for $59. If you wear it over the tips of your shoulders the scoop neckline will give you a similar look.  You can wear it either way to suit your mood. It’s like getting two tops in one.

This is another tunic-length top that’s a bit more constructed which makes it very flattering. This Tuckernuck Black Cressida Blouse for $198 is shaped through the bust and torso and skims over the body to give a slimming effect. Besides, the gold buttons are a classic.

Off-the-Shoulder Top Trend Over 50 Tips

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1. Make sure you have the right body type for an off the shoulder top. You need to be really honest with yourself. When you are over 50 if you are smaller chested, smaller shouldered and have a tight decollate you can pull off the look. If you can’t claim all of the above, avoid this trend.

2. Wear a strapless bra with your off-the-shoulder top. This should seem obvious, but we thought we should make it crystal clear.

3. We recommend long sleeves. An off-the shoulder long sleeve top looks more sophisticated than short or flutter or no sleeves!

4. Avoid cropped versions. The words “crop top” should not be in your vocabulary.

5. Avoid midriff versions. It’s needless to say, but just in case. But hey, if you’ve still got rocking abs, go for it!

6. Avoid extra ruffles at the neckline! It’s too young-looking and will visually add weight.

7. Stick to sleek silhouettes and avoid extra embellishments.

8. You can still skip the trend altogether!

Shop Off The Shoulder Tops

So now you know how to wear the off-the-shoulder top trend when you are over 50. Here are some “Fountain of 30 approved” off-the-shoulder tops.

Are you going to wear the off-the-shoulder top trend? Do you have a favorite style?

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  1. Editorial note from a woman over the dreaded 40 mark: it’s ‘you’re’ not ‘your’ when referring to tip #1. This was just one of many writing errors. Hire a proofreader (maybe one over 40) lol

  2. I’m over 40 and I wear what I like. I didn’t just hit 40 and fall apart. My shoulders really aren’t that offensive yet lol. I really hate it when women feed misogyny and tell women that once they are past a certain age they should cover up as they are basically past their sell by date, which is what your article is doing. 40 is so young!

  3. This is such crap. Women can wear what they want, when they want. We don’t turn into monsters as soon as we turn 40.

  4. I really wish that people would stop writing things like this. This is part of the reason that women feel like getting older is such a horrible thing. If we lived by most people’s standards women are kids until 18 then gorgeous until 29 and old hags after. Wear what you want, live life and age gracefully. I’d rather age and “dress young” than the alternative which is not aging at all.

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