Please Let’s Get Off This Off-The-Shoulder Trend!

There are some trends I know I will simply never wear. Case in point: the off-the-shoulder trend. Even though shoulders may be one of the last things “to go” on women (basically because the skin’s gravitational pull keeps our shoulders looking smooth) I think this trend should be reserved for young women under 30. Then they can cry later when they see photos in 20 years (the way we do when we see ourselves with big hair). I digress. There are major problems with the off-the-shoulder trend. The proportions of this look can be very tricky to style and can make you appear big, busty, flat or boxy. Not to mention the discomfort of the top staying in place (while strangling your armpits) and the possibility of a shirt flying up in the wind! You have to carry a clutch bag which is not always convenient and do you really like wearing strapless bras? However as much as I say I will skip this trend, I may try some variations on the trend. Really big variations. You can still get the light summer crispness of this look and wear it with a minimum of effort (and a lot more comfort) if you simply go on-the-shoulder. white-off-shoulder-tops-Marques-Almeida-odlr This Marques’ Almeida Off-The-Shoulder Poplin Top looks fresh and trendy for the season but this Oscar de la Renta Stretch-Cotton Twill Top will comfortably stay up on your shoulders and in your closet forever. blue-peasant-off-shoulder-tops Get the same peasant styling as this Tory Burch Nina Off-The-Shoulder Embroidered Cotton-Gauze Top, $250 with this English Factory Boho Blouse, $65 and you will not have to worry about web-pits (I made that term up). Besides, you can wear any bra you want under it! black-off-shoulder-tops-topshop-thakoon The straps on this Topshop Crochet Bardot Top make me think a bra is showing. This look gives off a girly vibe, is too junior and is just not a good design. In contrast, this Thakoon Shoulder Tie Lace Top is so beautifully constructed and flattering it may be the only “cold-shoulder” exception I may make all season. I consider this slightly shoulder baring top to be totally strapless-bra-worthy. on-and-off-shoulder-top-stripe-cupcakesandcashmere If you can’t get away from trying every trend, here is a top that offers the perfect solution. This Cupcakes and Cashmere ‘Eleni’ Stripe Off-The-Shoulder Top gives you the option of wearing it Off-The-Shoulder or On-The-Shoulder. (In a trendy vertical stripe that elongates, too). But which way do you really think you will wear this top more? I know the answer. Enough said. Carol.sig Are you following Fountain Of 30 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? We’ve got lots going on, so join in on the fun! Subscribe to our newsletter here. Oh and we are now on Snapchat too!

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