Holiday 2022 Gift Guide: Gifts For Friends In Menopause

We have come a long way in a year. Last year I was a little unsure about posting a gift guide for friends in menopause. This year? I’m ALL about it and holding nothing back. So many of us ARE in menopause and I’ve been yelling from the rooftops that we need to normalize menopause by talking about it. So this gift guide is just for those of us in peri/menopause. If you have a friend who is in this stage of life (and most of us are) then consider one of these carefully curated gifts. It will let her know you understand what she is going through and she will be touched you thought to help her. Here are my picks of the best gifts for friends in menopause.

Gifts For Friends In Menopause

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I found 10 fabulous gifts I know she will adore!


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1. Fishers Finery Women’s EcoFabric Long Sleeve Pajama Set, $64

This pajama set is made from an Ecofabric blend that’s 70% viscose derived from bamboo, 25% organic cotton and 5% spandex. They are super soft and breathable yet will still keep her warm during cool nights. They also have wicking properties that draw perspiration off the skin and out to the exterior of the fabric which helps the body regulate its own temperature. They’re available in 8 colors.

2. Menopocalypse: How I Learned to Thrive During Menopause and How You Can Too, $17.95

To know my friend and fitness trainer Amanda is to love her no B.S. attitude mixed with humor when it comes to menopause. So her empowering book is a must-read. She knows first-hand how menopause and perimenopause can knock you over. In this hilarious and personal account, she shares how she lost weight, dealt with her depression, improved her sleep, and overhauled her diet to survive and thrive during menopause. Amanda Thebe provides science-backed information about hormone therapy and her own strength-training routine, complete with a suggested workout schedule, easy-to-follow instructions, and pictures of herself doing the exercises.

3. Tropical Waters Peppermint Cooling Spray Mist, $21.97

This all-natural, alcohol-free spray is a unique blend of aloe, herbs and mint balm for extra cooling that revives and moisturizes the skin. Keep it in the fridge.

4. Better Not Younger Superpower™ Hair & Scalp Duo, $76

This award-winning scalp serum and massaging applicator were designed to address the early signs of aging hair. The Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum is plant-based, lightweight, non-greasy and fast-absorbing and nourishes follicles, replenishes and reenergizes. The applicator with it’s retractable aluminum ball-tipped dispenser parts hair and hugs the scalp to evenly distribute the serum at roots and helps energize scalp and follicles. It also feels amazing.

5. Hot Girls Pearls Black Ice 18″ Cooling Necklace, $95

Nobody needs to know this black pearl necklace is really cooling beads. Say what? That’s right. Get up to 30 minutes of cooling relief…discretely. Each pearl is filled with a non-toxic gel that won’t leak and when frozen provides soothing relief. They come with their own cooling pouch that acts like a mini-freezer and keeps your pearls cool for hours.

6. Stripes The Drench Revolution Kit, $49

I’m a tough cookie when it comes to skincare products. I’ve tried them all so it’s hard to blow me away, but Stripes has done just that. This sampler kit contains the line’s three incredible skincare products specially formulated for menopausal thirsty skin. The kit contains travel sizes of Resting Clean Face: (face wash), The Power Move (serum) and Dew As I Do (moisturizer). All contain the hero ingredient Ectoine which uses smart-targeted hydration to distribute moisture to where the skin needs it most…to the deepest layers.

7. KHHMNB Side Sleeper Cooling Pillows, $32.90 (set of 2)

This pillow is designed with cooling fibers that truly keeps you cool while you sleep on your side. The washable pillows are double-sided featuring cooling ice silk material on one side and soft bamboo rayon on the other side! If you feel hot, sleep on the side of the pillow with ice silk cover.

8. House of RHONE Cooling Facial Roller, $48

This is not your typical jade roller! The metal handle coupled with zinc alloy massage balls mimics an ice cooling application, and when paired with cream or serum feels like a spa facial. It not only feels amazing but it helps with puffiness.

9. INNOVO, $499 (Save $100 when you use the code FOUNTAIN100)

Bladder leaks are no laughing matter and a sign of a weak pelvic floor. 40% of women leak when they laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise. And most of us are not doing Kegels properly. Enter INNOVO. They look like bike shorts but they help eliminate bladder leaks in 12 weeks. INNOVO does Kegels correctly for you…in 30 minutes a day. Just plug in, lay back and read good book.

10. Nerd Focus Zero Calorie Energy Drink, $24.28 for 12

Not all energy drinks are created equally and frankly I stay away from most of them, but Nerd Energy contains nootropics and essential vitamins for mental clarity, concentration and focus. It also tastes great  (cherry fizz) and doesn’t give you the jitters. I’m a fan.

Do you have a friend who can use one of these menopause gifts? Is there one you would like for yourself?

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