5 Celebrities Find Fun New Ways To Wear All Black

Black is considered the darkest color of all. It typically conjures up depressing images of gloomy clouds and overcast skies. You might think of black as the color you wear to a funeral or a somber event. Black holes. Black hearts. Blackouts.  I’m here to tell you black isn’t all gloom and doom. And no, I’m not talking about Halloween or gothic fashion. Ever heard of the little black dress? Black tie affairs? Black is the new black? Here are 5 celebrities showing us fun new ways to wear all black.

Fun New Ways to Wear All Black

Black is elegant and refined, sophisticated and posh. Black is sexy. And the celebs featured below are proving that wearing black can be fun, too, especially when winter is upon us. Check out their outfits for some inspiration this season. 

Fun Tip #1: Wear Accessories 

Kathryn Hahn all black accessories fountainof30
Kathryn Hahn 



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Actress Kathryn Hahn wears a very cool look from the AZ Factory Spring/Summer 2023 ready-to-wear collection. There’s a lot to unpack in this look, but that’s also what makes it so fun. Black wide leg trousers with an open vest and nothing underneath. And then you realize it’s all a belted black jumpsuit. Deep necklines are cool, but I would have liked to see some stacked necklaces. Still cool – especially when you notice the sleeves are supposed to look like they’ve been torn off. Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Those slouchy puffed up gloves are everything! I’m not entirely sure she pulled it off, but I love that she included them in this piece. It makes the whole look even more fun, and not just sexy. I don’t know if that’s what she was going for, but it works for me. 

And there’s a tip in there. When in doubt, wear the gloves.

Fun Tip #2: Wear All Black Leather 

Carey Mulligan all black leather fashion fountainof30
Carey Mulligan


Matchy matchy looks can be hard to pull off, and not everyone can pull them off. Carey Mulligan is one of those people who can – and looks cool doing it. The English actress, who has a keen fashion sense, recently donned a full black leather look that includes a Khaite Tanner leather jacket and Khaite Leon wide leather trousers with a Celine mini handbag, Celine shades, and Celine ankle boots. The leather look is super fun for a few reasons. Matching is always fun when you can pull it off like Carey. Then there’s the oversize jacket, and the shorter pants, which kind of throws everything on its axis in the best way possible.

No, you don’t have to wear matching neon-colored blazers and pants to look cool. Just add a bit of leather. 

Tip #3: Wear Lace 

Lucy Boynton black lace midi dress fountainof30
Lucy Boynton


Lace is the epitome of romantic winter for me and Lucy Boynton is the poster child for elegance and femininity. So it’s no surprise to see her donning this lace number from Shushu Tong’s Fall 2022 collection. Shushu/Tong’s brand is known for its modern femininity and lace certainly sells that point. In this case, the black lace is frilly and fun and yes, it’s black but the details speak for themselves. 

Pairing lace with other staples in winter is super stylish, and it doesn’t have to be white. 

Fun Tip #4: Wear Black Velvet 

Kelly Rowland black velvet tux fountainof30
Kelly Rowland


Velvet is a winter staple, especially when it comes in black. Kelly Rowland has perfected the velvet look and made it fun wearing a velvet tuxedo from Alexandre Vauthier Spring 2022 Haute Couture for a “Fantasy Football” Atlanta event in Georgia this month. I’ve honestly never seen a velvet tuxedo quite like this – the wide trousers, the oversized lapels (not velvet) but I think it works. It’s both fun and playful, and also elegant and fashion forward. It’s a winner in my book. Do you agree? 

Fun Tip #5: Wear All Black In Bold Ways

black creative outfit white trim Janelle Monae fountainof30 fashion
Janelle Monae


Did Janelle Monae go overboard this time or she just doing her thing, as usual? She does love a dramatic black and white look and why not throw a little whimsy in there? Thom Browne certainly does. Funny enough, she was (sadly) one of the few that turned heads at the 2022 CFDA Awards this year which were rather uneventful in the fashion department. (Read our take here.

Also rather ironically, back is black in style, if these awards have anything to say about it. Amanda Seyfried, Zoey Deutch, Kerry Washington and Kim Kardashian all wore black looks. 

You might not think you can’t pull off a look like Janelle because it’s not age appropriate, and maybe it is a bit much. But if there’s one thing the celebs can teach us, it’s that even a monotone color like black can pack a punch. 

Do you like wearing all black? Which celebrity look do you like best?

– Simona Shemer 

Photos: Tom & Lorenzo, Red Carpet Fashion Awards 

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