Menopocalypse: Why Menopause Might Be Kicking Your Butt

A couple months ago I interviewed author Amanda Thebe about her new book “Menopocalypse; How I Learned To Thrive During Menopause and How You can Too‘” on both my podcast and Instagram Live Series. Her book covers topics many midlife women are not comfortable discussing which fall under the umbrella of menopause. Amanda tackles them all with a refreshing approach, mindset and a good dose of her cheeky humor. She covers topics such as hormone replacement therapy, stress and fitness…basically how to not only survive but conquer menopause.

How To Conquer Menopause

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Amanda is a fitness and women’s health expert who can talk the talk because she can walk the walk. She suffered debilitating effects from menopause herself having no idea what was happening to her. She felt alone and was desperate. Amanda manages to cut though all the information, misinformation and basically all the bull crap in between but disseminates her tidbits of knowledge in an easy to understand and relatable way.

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When you listen to the podcast and Instagram Live you will learn a bit about Amanda’s approach to:

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone related stress

Depression and lack of energy

Weight gain

Sleepless nights

Weight training and why it’s now more important than ever.

You’ll Also Learn

  • Why your OBGYN is clueless
  • Why you should NOT be afraid of HRT
  • What you should and should not be eating
  • Why strength training is now so important
  • How to live with passion again
  • Why looking after your health post menopause becomes even more essential
  • Amanda’s 4 hacks for thriving in menopause
  • Why you need to educate and advocate for yourself

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Here is the link to the podcast: Menopocalypse: Is Menopause Kicking Your Butt?

Here is the link to the Instagram Live (now IGTV): Menopocalypse: Thriving and Not Just Surviving 

Read Amanda’s book Menopocalypse; How I Learned To Thrive During Menopause and How You can Too

Be sure to join Amanda’s Facebook group Menopausing So Hard to converse with other menopausal women in a safe space and find resources for help.

To find a practitioner in your area visit The North American Menopause Society at to find a practitioner.

Or for a telemedicine option try Gennev.

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