The Best Holiday Gifts for Boys – Kid Approved!

I have one son who is a tween and another who likes to think he is, but isn’t quite yet! They want different things but just ever so slightly. They helped me with most of this list of holiday gifts for boys because who better to ask then my actual sons? This also helps Santa!

holiday gifts for boys

Best Holiday Gifts For Boys

1. Sony – PlayStation 5, $499

According to my son this newer version has more games and better games including the new popular Spider Man PS5 game. Most of the games that are on the PS4 are also on this one, but with much better graphics.


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2. Gabb Wireless Phone, Gabb Z2 Bundle, $99 plus $19.99-$24.99 monthly plan

My older son got a phone this year and the younger one was green with envy. So now he gets one too! I feel so much better knowing he can call and text me if he needs me, yet can’t get on the internet. There are no parental controls because none are needed. There’s no social media, no web browsing, no games, no app store…no worries! They can however, take pictures, make videos, listen to music and make calls. Get $10 off when you use my special discount code; FOUNTAIN10 at Link:

3. Kevlar Lightning USB-C Cable, $24.95 – $39.95

This is the fastest way to charge their phone and electronics which of course they let die, because they are kids!

4. MeloQuest Keys and Kingdoms Piano Learning Adventure Game with Keyboard and 3 Month Subscription, $99

My younger son has just expressed an interest in learning an instrument. According to the latest research, learning to play a musical instrument has been shown to help improve creativity as well as problem solving skills. Children who have learned to play piano may be better at finding creative solutions to problems that arise in their lives! What parent wouldn’t want that for their kids? MeloQuest’s hot, new Keys & Kingdoms adventure game teaches kids 6-15 REAL piano skills while they’re immersed in a really fun quest game (for iOS, Mac and PC). If they love it they’ll practice which means they’ll LEARN.

5. Nintendo Switch Lite, $199

My younger son wants this because his older brother has basically taken full control of the Play Station. This is the personalized handheld version of the Nintendo Switch.  It’s perfect for on-the-go gaming.

6. Sof Sole Sneaker Balls Shoe Deodorizer, $5.98

OMG do their feet stink! I miss their baby feet. They are each getting a set of these in their stockings!

7. AirPods Active Rugged Case, $34.95

I’m amazed my son has not lost the AirPods he got for his birthday so he has proved he bdeserves a sleek case! This Active Rugged Case provides additional drop and scratch protection.  It’s built with water repelling Heinen leather and interior microfiber.

8. Clue: The Office Edition Board Game, $48.90

Clue meets The Office! WHO killed Toby Flenderson? WHAT office weapon was used? WHERE at Dunder Mifflin did it occur? In The Office edition, you outwit your co-workers and overcome your boss’ meddling to win the game!

9. Crosley Voyager Turntable, $39.99

It’s time for my kids to experience vinyl. I just don’t want them touching my albums or stereo.

10. Spotify Premium, $99 for one year

Kids can listen to music without ads, without WiFi and it doesn’t shuffle around your music which, according to my son, is annoying. You can also stream the entire song instead of a preview.

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