See The Best Fall Colors On The Most Stylish Celebrities

Autumn is upon us and as the temperatures begin to drop, the fashion begins to pop. Pastels are thrown askew in favor of deep greens, burgundies and purples. Light florals are replaced by their darker, wintery counterparts. And of course, the fall fabrics like supple leather and sumptuous tweed are back in action. Fall is all about the right colors, the right trends, and the right pairings that bring in the season. As you can see, the celebs below including Meghan Markle, Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton and Gal Gadot get all of that right in just about every way. Take a look at the best fall colors of 2019 on the most stylish celebrities.

How The Celebrities Wear Fall Colors

Meghan Markle fall colors 2019 burgundy

Meghan Markle in Burgundy Leather and Suede

At first, I wasn’t sure I liked Meghan Markle’s fall colors. The burgundy red with cranberry red look on her. It was matchy-matchy, but not quite. The more I looked at the ensemble, though, the more it won me over. Perhaps it was because I had never dreamed of pairing the two. A sweater and leather don’t mix, I thought. Eventually, it worked and I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps it was because the Duchess of Sussex didn’t go overboard. She did not wear any statement jewelry thank God and she wore pretty, but not overwhelming shoes. Also, it seemed like her hair did the talking more than the outfit did. 


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Queen Letizia of Spain was also seen wearing the Hugo Boss skirt and I must admit I liked her outfit better. But there is still something very chic about Meghan’s look. It’s effortless and anyone can pull it off. The color of her skirt is Chili Pepper and her sweater is Biking Red, according to Pantone’s 2019-20 NY Fashion Color Trends Report.

fall colors Victoria Beckham In Olive Green

Victoria Beckham In Olive Green Fall Colors

A leather pencil skirt is one thing. Meghan Markle has already shown that style off quite well. But considering that Victoria Beckham‘s look is from the beginning of the year, we must admit that Markle is actually following in fashion designer Victoria Beckham’s footsteps. I’m not totally feeling the open-toed calf-length boots but I do love the oversize sweater tucked into the rich leather. And of course, the snakeskin printed clutch and the black oversized shades aren’t too shabby, either. A turtleneck in autumn is always nice, especially in a rich olive green like this one on Victoria Beckham.

fall colors Kate Middleton In Mulberry

Kate Middleton In Mullberry

Everyone was raving about Kate Middleton when she first wore this look and not just because we’re used to the Duchess of Cambridge wearing dresses so this ensemble was a breath of fresh air. It was, of course, but it’s also her high-low fashion that gets everybody talking. She is the epitome of perfect trendsetting, perfect styling, and perfect tailoring. The look also screams autumn in the best way possible. The mix of deep mulberry and green are perfect fall colors.

fall colors Gal Gadot In Blue Colorblock

Gal Gadot In Blue Colorblock

The looks above are definitely more formal than they are punky, so it’s nice to throw a little Gal Gadot into the mix with a color block look. No, Gal is not the queen of punk trends by any means. But I think her Louis Vuitton dress could be one of the best examples of fall this season. Not only is the punk spirit back in style but the cobalt blue color is refreshing and one of the fall colors seen on many of the 2019 runways. And I do love me some colorblock. 

What are your favorite fall 2019 fashion colors?

– Simona Shemer

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Photos: Meghan Markle, | Victoria Beckham, Victoria Beckham Style | Kate Middleton, Harper’s Bazaar | Gal Gadot, Just Jared

Sources: Pantone, Daily Mail, French Vogue

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  1. When fall arrives (at her leisure sometime between September 1st and October 1st), I start wearing an array of greens, oranges, purples, and browns with more gold and copper accessories. I like the pants that Kate has on. Thanks for celebrating the season with words and images that feature fall fashion.


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