4 Celebrities Who Flaunt Their Curves With Style

It’s true that Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are celebrities who are said to epitomize the ideal woman with a little meat on her bones (or on her backside)! But seriously, are they the only examples of real women fashionably showing off their bodies? Nope! There are indeed other celebrities who flaunt their curves with style.

Sure, you can’t exactly call a celeb a “real woman” because of their lifestyle (and the fact that he/she can typically afford a stylist, personal trainer, and a chef at the very least). Obviously it’s much easier for that celebrity to get the figure that he or she desires quickly, if that’s what he or she needs.

Thus, it’s refreshing to see that celebs like Bebe Rexha, Spanish singer Rosalia, Ashley Graham and Drew Barrymore are not trying to get rid of their curves whether they grow baby bumps or lose a little weight.


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This is why these fierce fashionistas are on our list of 4 celebrities who flaunt their curves. Because they have their real women bodies and they’re not afraid to show them off in some covetable clothing.

4 Celebrities Who Flaunt Their Curves

Celebrities Who Flaunt Their Curves Bebe Rexha hot red pink pants suit fountainof30

Bebe Rexha 

Bebe Rexha, the powerful singer with the platinum blond locks, gave new meaning to the word “power suit” by donning a Givenchy two piece to the Power of Women event last year. Here’s what I love about Bebe Rexha. She doesn’t have a boyish figure and she doesn’t apologize for her curves. The singer, a powerful advocate of body positivity, is not afraid to wear big, bold color and why should she be against it?

The best thing about this neon pink power suit is it’s not straight and narrow like many of the blazers and trousers you probably have seen. It hugs every curve in the most beautiful way and is perfectly fit to her figure. 

Rosalia in Versace mini dress


You might be wondering what you could learn from the fashion of a 26-year old on a site for forty and fifty-somethings. Well, besides the fact that Spanish songstress that has crossed over in her native language without one song in English is wise beyond her years (and talented, of course) her style is something we could all learn from. 

Besides the fact that Rosalia is not stick thin, she marches to the beat of her own drum and has introduced the world to a whole new style. It’s one where accessories (including the longest nails ever) make the outfit. Besides that though, she does something that I wish more women would emulate more often. She oozes sex appeal in the least obvious way, without constant cleavage or teeny, tiny skirts. She has those too, of course, but it’s the sexy cutouts showing the thigh, the crop top that isn’t too high, the tight leather dresses and the hints of skin that get our attention.

Despite her unique style, which includes the fully beaded colorful Versace mini dress with well placed sections of sheerness (above) at last year’s Latin Grammy Awards, I do believe that Rosalia still has much to learn about fashion. But she is young, she is fun and she’s flaunting her sexy figure.  

Ashley Graham plus size model NYDJ Los Angeles event

Ashley Graham 

Plus-size model Ashley Graham, who some claim is thinner than the average plus sized woman, doesn’t care what you say about her. That’s because she’s breaking down walls in the world of fashion without seeking your approval to do it. Graham, who has a baby due in winter 2020, has been called this generation’s body-positive icon. She refuses to be retouched in photo shoots and she’s all about size exclusivity (and aren’t we all these days?)

“I couldn’t find things that fit me the way I wanted them to, and I couldn’t find designs that made me feel special, that made me feel like I’m a fashion girl,” she told Glamour in an interview. She’s also behind the phrase “Curves deserve couture.” Because for Graham, there is no plus-size, there is my size. And she can wear the same kind of clothing that you wear and look just as good doing it. 

Sure, we’ve seen a pregnant Ashley Graham in the last six or so months, but we love her message (and her look above in a white wrap top and jeans at a NYDJ event). We can’t wait to see her in more designer duds. 

Celebrities Who Flaunt Their Curves Drew Barrymore plaid shirt oveersize intitial earrings Daily Mail UK

Drew Barrymore 

Drew Barrymore, as thin as she is and was, has never been a size 2. And she’s never been super displeased about that. Sadly when she was a young child star, she says she was the “fat kid who was always beaten up.” And she was bullied for her ups and downs. Today, Barrymore is a strong woman who owns her super curvy figure, even after she loses 25 lbs and gets a little less curvy.

Her whimsical style is both sharp and quirky. She’ll wear a Cami NYC ‘Racer Back’ camisole under a boxy blazer with white pants and silver platforms, and then she’ll play up the look with a pair of pink oversize shades. Or she will offset a plaid pastel shirt with some flashy gold circular earrings that spell out her first name in the middle of them. 

Drew likes to make her own rules in the fashion department. No matter what the size. 

Do you have any favorite celebrities who flaunt their curves with style?

–Simona Shemer

Photos: Bebe Rexha – Stylebistro  |  Rosalia – Versace’s Office Facebook Page  |   Ashley Graham – Harper’s Bazaar  |  Drew Barrymore – DailyMail.co.uk

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