Underneath It All: The Lingerie Every Woman Needs To Own

Behind every chic woman is a strong foundation, and a great lingerie drawer. If you’re reading this, you probably already know a properly fitting bra is essential. However, that’s just the beginning to building a solid lingerie wardrobe that will make all your clothes look better, make you look slimmer, and keep you comfortable in every situation. There are pieces of lingerie every woman needs to own.

Sounds both glorious and practical, doesn’t it? Here’s a rundown of rundown of what you should definitely have in your lingerie drawer.

Lingerie Every Woman Needs To Own

Lingerie Every Woman Needs


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A “Nude-For-You” Bra And Panties

It almost goes without saying that you need underpinnings that will disappear underneath virtually anything. And fortunately, with retailers recognizing that women come in more shades than standard beige, you can very likely find a bra that works for you. What’s more, we love Nudz, a lingerie company founded by a female entrepreneur that creates lingerie in a variety of shades so that all women can find their own ideal “nude”.

A Slip Wardrobe

Slips aren’t just for old ladies! They make your clothes hang better, camouflage lumps and bumps or undesirable sheerness, and can hide panty and bra lines. A black slip and a nude slip are the most versatile and should be the first slips you get, but then feel free to branch out into other colors that inspire you. Full slips are by far the most useful (and glamorous) in our opinion, but half slips are helpful too. We’re big fans of the Commando slips. They’re a bit pricey but worth it when you consider how they help make the rest of your wardrobe look even better.


These are comfortable under full or floaty skirts and should provide enough coverage in case a gust of wind or a subway grate causes you to experience a Marilyn Monroe moment. Jockey made the original skimmies, but plenty of brands offer versions in various lengths and colors to suit your needs.

Basic Camisoles

Like slips and skimmies, these will help smooth things out and provide a little backup underneath clothing that may threaten a wardrobe malfunction. Uniqlo Airism and HeatTech are both inexpensive options that work well for this purpose.

The Perfect Strapless Bra

Even if you hate strapless bras, they are sometimes a necessary evil. The Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible is one of our favorites and it’s surprisingly comfortable, and the convertible straps make it a good solution for all those tricky necklines.

Something That Makes You Feel Like A Goddess

This will be different for every woman of course, but a fabulous French lingerie set or negligee that highlights everything you want to show off is an essential confidence-building piece. If you like full-on femininity, Agent Provocateur is worth the splurge, but we also love La Perla, especially the collections in elegant black lace. And if you’re not particularly into super girly styles? There’s nothing wrong with the traditional cotton Calvin Kleins.

What do you think are the workhorses of your lingerie wardrobe? While we love the lacy, embroidered, delicate stuff as much as the next person, most of that isn’t practical for everyday life. But most of these options are, and since lingerie is the foundation of your wardrobe, it’s time to make sure all these underpinnings are in your closet.

Shop The Lingerie Every Woman Needs To Own

Pictured Above:

Nudz Intimate Apparel

Commando New Tailored Slip, $88

Jockey Skimmies Mid-Thigh Slip Shorts, from $14.95

Uniqlo AIRism Camisole, $9.90

Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra, $68

Agent Provocateur

La Perla

–Jacqueline Zenn


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