Expert Style Hacks You Need To Know Right Now

We’ve all had fashion or beauty emergencies before. These could have been prevented with some prior knowledge or tools. If you are looking for unique solutions to common fashion problems, simple ways to upgrade your outfits, or just make things more comfortable, these expert style hacks will help.

These are the items and ideas that make me think “Why didn’t I already know that or think of that?” That is, at least in the fashion and beauty realm. 

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Follow Stylists’ Tips For Perfect Tuck. 

Ever wondered how some people manage to keep their tees and tops perfectly tucked in at all times? Rolling or tying the tops first can help you keep things neat and avoid weird bulges where the fabric of the tee bunches up (does this only happen to us?). Check out this round-up of tips and tricks stylists and influencers use to get the perfect tucked t-shirts, button-downs or other tops.

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Experiment With Scarf Rings. 

While we love all the ways that we can our scarves in general, a good way to make them even more versatile is with a scarf ring or two. Use one to knot the scarf at the neck in the center or the side (double things up to get an infinity scarf look) or use one on each end with a knot to keep things nicely draped and laying flat. Think of scarf rings as jewelry for your scarves! We like these scarf rings from Amazon if you want to try out the look, but scarf rings are available at all price points, including what are perhaps the ultimate luxury versions from Hermes

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Layer Your Necklaces Well. 

Do you like to wear multiple necklaces at once? Then you probably know the perils of getting them all twisted together or the clasps tangled at the back of your neck. You can fix this with a necklace layering clasp (this one by Necklet via Amazon works well, but there are tons of options out there) that keep your chains separated and your layers of bling aligned. 

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Use Bra Clips And Bra Extenders To Add Options To Your Lingerie Wardrobe. 

Transform any bra into a racerback or criss-cross back and hide your bra straps better with bra clips – there are lots of options on Amazon. Is your bra size changing or fluctuating and you don’t necessarily want to invest in a bunch of new ones? Get a bra extender (also findable on Amazon) to add an inch or two to the band. You’ll be more comfortable and your clothes will fit better. That said, we do suggest investing some time and money into getting re-fitted for bras every few years or if your body has changed drastically – your shape might have shifted plus bra technology keeps improving. 

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Prep Your Shoes With Foot Petals And Moleskin. 

While we are just over uncomfortable shoes, sometimes breaking in new shoes or doing a ton of extra activity can lead to blisters and foot pain, so keeping supplies in your bag can be a lifesaver. Hint: add moleskin or Foot Petals Strappy Strips to places on your shoes that tend to rub, like the backs of the heels, before you wear them out for the first time to prevent pain down the road. 

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Always Have Double-Sided Tape On Hand. 

Use it to secure flappy lapels, fix a fallen hemline, or keep a blouse or sweater from gapping at the bust. Double-sided tape can also keep the tail of a belt in place! It’s a total life-saver in a pinch so always keep some in your bag or closet in of a fashion emergency. Hollywood Fashion tape even comes in handy little packs so you can stash some in multiple spots.   hair straighteners style hack fountainof30

Hair Straighteners Can Stand In For Clothing Steamers And Irons. 

These are good for straightening out more than just your hair! You can use a hair straightener to freshen up the collar and cuffs of a button top or otherwise smooth out wrinkles if you don’t have a steamer on hand. A cordless battery-operated straightener like this one available via Amazon can be a great piece to keep in your bag or travel with so you have it on hand whenever you need to freshen up. 

Baking Soda Works As Jewelry Cleaner In A Pinch. 

While we love our ultrasonic jewelry cleaners or even taking our valuable pieces to a local jeweler for a thorough cleaning, sometimes your bling needs a little refresher when you’re out of town or otherwise don’t have access to a jeweler you trust. That’s when good old baking soda comes into play. Make a paste with two parts baking soda and one part water, and use a clean toothbrush to gently scrub the dirt or grime off your jewelry and make it sparkle like new. 

What are your favorite style hacks or beauty hacks that you’ve learned over the years? Are there some items that have been your secret weapon? What fashion or beauty dilemmas do you need a solution for? 

Share your style hacks and tips or ask your questions in the comments or in our Growing Younger Facebook group! 

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– Jacqueline Zenn

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