Celebrities in Brilliant Crayon Color Power Suits

Nothing says confidence like a fashionable woman in a suit. The power suit, in a big bold color, definitely had its heyday in the 80s. But the trend is still going strong some 30+ years later on celebrities in color power suits. The look has been made famous (in all forms) on the likes of Victoria Beckham, Julia Roberts, Grace Jones, Annie Lennox, Ellen DeGeneres and even Princess Diana.

And ironically, as Vox, the American news and opinion website, reports that the suit isn’t powerful for men anymore. “The suit was once the uniform of the powerful and a requirement for every man. Now, people mostly wear suits when they’re in trouble,” the subheadline says. For women, statement-making suits in colorful shades are reaching their peak and certainly having a beautiful moment.

Let’s take a look at the latest celebrities in crayon colored power suits.


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Celebrities In Brilliant Color Power Suits

Celebrities in Color Power Suits Regina King

Regina King in an Emerald Christopher John Rogers Power Suit

Perhaps if someone else wore a shiny emerald green suit, I would find it laughable, but Regina King looks sophisticated and yes, even a little bit playful. She certainly looks fashion forward. It does take a lot of guts to wear a suit like this but she pulls it off. She gives Christopher John Rogers, the designer, who is also a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist, some much deserved acclaim. Show me the money!

Celebrities In Color Power Suits Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes in a Navy Gabriela Hearst Power Suit

Katie Holmes has always been somewhat of a fashion powerhouse, but has anyone else noticed that since it was reported that she and actor Jamie Foxx had split, her fashion has been on point? Talk about revenge body, or in this case, revenge style. We all saw the cashmere bra look – I mean, it went viral! In this case, the blue suit does it for her too. The pants seem a little too long, but this style was all the rage at Spring Fashion Week 2020. Her jacket is a little unusual – I’ve never seen a blazer tied up that way – but it’s a good thing.

Katie is wearing a stunning Gabriela Hearst two-piece suit for the Global Citizen press conference in New York. The outfit, coming from Hearst’s Fall 2019 collection, includes the “Mita” blazer withe the tie-waist and matching “Isabel” pants. The color is classic navy blue but the color still packs a punch

Color Power Suits Kristen Stewart fountainof30

Kristen Stewart in a Chartreuse Petar Petrov Power Suit

Post-Twilight Kristen Stewart definitely went for the androgynous look and traded in her dresses for wide leg pants and her heels for kicks. What I love about Kristen Stewart is that she fashionably marches to the beat of her own drum and usually it works. I say usually, because in the case of the canary yellow “suit,” I’m not sure it does. It’s quite sloppy and I’m not sure she was going for that. But I want to highlight the fact that she actually wears outfits like these like a uniform and makes a fashion-forward statement in doing so.

The yellow is actually “chartreuse” and the pantsuit is from Petar Petrov’s resort 2020 collection paired with a camisole underneath and those black and white Thom Browne brogues, which I personally am not such a big fan of. But again, it’s Kristen Stewart, so it works.

Color Power Suits Cindy Crawford Pink pant suit

Cindy Crawford in a Pink Power Suit

Cindy Crawford knows how to wear a pantsuit and the color certainly turns this look up a notch. The supermodel, who is also the brand ambassador for Omega luxury watches, attended the company’s store opening in Lisbon, Portugal wearing a pink pantsuit with cropped pants and a darker pink shirt underneath. I would have liked the pants to be a bit longer, but that’s the look she is going for, I guess. I also admire that she’s wearing baby pink, a color few could really wear and look good in. But again this is Cindy Crawford we are talking about here. Best of all, I like how she styled this with a darker pink blouse and magenta suede pumps, so that the look features two tones of the same color. She nails it!

Which celebrity power suit do you like the best? Are you going to try the trend?

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–Simona Shemer

Photos: Regina King and Katie Holmes, Fashion Sizzle  |  Kristen Stewart, Footwear News |  Cindy Crawford, Hello Magazine 

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