My One On One With Supermodel Legend Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford has been touring the country celebrating the launch of her new book, “Becoming” and she recently made a stop at Barnes & Noble at Westfield Old Orchard near Chicago! I jumped at the opportunity to meet her. I could not believe she is approaching 50 (she made it clear that she was not 50 yet but something tells me she will look the same at 60).

She was absolutely stunning yet genuinely warm and down to earth. Her natural Midwest quality is probably what comes through in her photographs and has lead to her success.

Cindy Crawford Chicago Barnes Nobel fountainof30Prior to the book signing I read a copy of her book ‘Becoming’ by Cindy Crawford and was completely fascinated. I not only read it forward and backwards but ogled the gorgeous photos. It was both a walk down memory lane seeing photos by Screbnesky and Avedon, and quite an eye opener to learn how difficult it is to be a model. The book was to chronicle her life with 50 photos as she approached 50, but there were so many more photos and more for her to reveal. Even Cindy did not always have things that easy but with the support of her mother and family, she made some important decisions along the way.


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FO30: Do you come to the Chicago area often?

CC: Yes I come through pretty regularly. I am meeting with some high school friends for a bite after this!

FO30: That’s so cool you stayed friends!

CC: We are very close, in fact we all went on trip to Cancun together last year.

FO30: I really loved reading your book. Seeing all the Vogue covers brings me back to the beginning of my love of fashion and you were such a big part of it – on almost every cover! You mention that sometimes you felt like an outsider when you first began modeling in New York, but do you think it may have worked to your advantage?

CC: Everyone had so much confidence in that world and I guess I am not alone in thinking I’m not good enough and it is hard to let down your guard. But the scariest thing is if you do it it can actually lead you closer.

FO30: Do you think your Midwestern work ethic was helpful?

CC: Most definitely, it is not only helpful for for modeling but for anything you want to do in life. If you work hard, show up prepared, are a team player, stay grounded and keep good relations… these things can all lead to achieving your goals.

FO30: How would you describe your personal style?

CC: I noticed I started to wear a sort of uniform lately … It is usually jeans, a blouse and heels. But lately my feet don’t like them as much! Even today I was thinking, “Do I really fell like wearing these?” (She was wearing 4″ leopard print stiletto sandals). I live in Malibu, so I like things that are easy and not complicated. I don’t like to wear things where it’s like, now I have to wear a camisole under this and something over something else. That’s the appeal of a uniform… jeans, and a blouse, and a jacket.

FO30: What is the best beauty advice or tips for women as we age?

CC: First, genetics play a big role in beauty. Protection  sunscreen are important.  Lately I am always wearing a hat and covering my chest. We all know what we are supposed to do: Don’t smoke, drink water, eat right, get sleep… but my advice would just be to do it! Be consistent.

FO30: And I’m sure you use your own skincare line, Meaningful Beauty.

CC: Yes, and working with Dr. Sebagh is amazing. Meaningful Beauty is a combination of antioxidants and botanicals and … as I get older hydration is so important. It hydrates to give skim a dewy look.

FO30: The prices of Meaningful Beauty are so reasonable, too!

CC: Yes, it is reasonable and affordable for more women to use. I thought, “what would my mother buy?” but still use the best ingredients. Since it is advertised with infomercials, that keeps the cost down.

FO30: As for color cosmetics, if you were stuck on a desert island and could only have 3 products, what would they be?

CC: Mascara, blush, and concealer.

FO30: What advice to you have for women 30 and over when it comes to personal style?

CC: Don’t get trapped into an era, like 70s makeup. And have fun with fashion! Be aware, read magazines and blogs, they offer suggestions: Maybe you want to try a high-waisted jean. Get one takeaway that works for you. Fashion should be fun and make you feel more confident.

FO30: What was the best advice anyone ever gave you?

CC: I think it had to be from my mom. She never gives advice unless she is asked. When it came to going to New York to model she said, “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” She always sees the good side of things and shows me that happiness is a choice.

I’m with Cindy Crawford!

Becoming By Cindy Crawford: By Cindy Crawford with Katherine O’ Leary, $50

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– Carol Calacci

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