How To Get This Cindy Crawford Casual Look for Less

Cindy Crawford was spotted recently wearing this casual flowy Allsaints snake print dress with clean neutral accessories and a cool pair of square sunglasses. She is the perfect example to follow when it comes to style over 40. In fact Cindy Crawford is over 50! And even though she is perfect and can wear just about anything, she wears fashion that is appropriate for her age. I had the opportunity to meet her and she told me she likes to wear jeans, a blouse and a jacket as her uniform. (You can read more here.) We are amazed by her and know we can look to her for fashion advice. In the case of this snake print dress, we want to steal her style!  Here’s how to get this Cindy Crawford casual look for less.

Cindy Crawford Casual Look for Less

Cindy Crawford Casual Look for Less snake print dress leith fountainof30
Leith Ruched Waist Chiffon Maxi Dress, $79

The Snake Print Dress

This Leith snake print dress has a similar v-neck and sleeveless styling to Cindy Crawford’s Allsaints dress. The chiffon fabric gives it the same breezy look, too. However, you can get it for a lot less. Most Allsaints dresses are around $300, but this dress is only $79.



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Leith Long Languid Dress
Leith Long Languid Dress, $85

Here is another snake print dress from Leith with a high low hem that looks more like Cindy’s dress, only this one has sleeves. The sleeves are actually a good thing for many women over 40! This dress can be dressed up with heels for special occasions, but you can dress it down with flat sandals to get Cindy Crawford’s casual style for only $85.

ALLSAINTS Paisley Midi Dress
ALLSAINTS Romina Paisley Midi Dress, $290

Allsaints no longer carries Cindy’s python print dress but this Romina paisley midi dress can be styled the same way. I think anything from Allsaints is a good investment because the pieces are (surprisingly) timeless. Whoever said rock and roll is here to stay was right! Tried and true, I purchased several Allsaints dresses over 15 years go and I still wear them today.

Madewell The Medium Transport Tote, $158
Madewell The Medium Transport Tote, $158

Neutral Tote Bag

When I think of basic neutrals that offer great quality at a reasonable price, I go right to Madewell. This Madewell Medium Transport Tote looks very similar to Cindy’s bag and it gets rave reviews. It comes in many different shades, too.

TKEES® Nudes Leather Sandals
TKEES® Nudes Leather Sandals, $50

Neutral Sandals

I am not a fan of flip flops, but these TKEES® Nudes Leather Sandals are sleek and much more street-worthy than rubber flip flops.  I get where Cindy is going here, the nude flip flop sandals give her an almost barefoot look to draw attention to the dress. She may actually be wearing this same brand of sandals. You can get these leather flip flops for $50 and choose from a huge array of neutral colors. 

QUAY AUSTRALIA squar Sunglasses
QUAY AUSTRALIA Let It Run 57mm Polarized Sunglasses, $50

Square Sunglasses for Less

When you see a celebrity in great pair of shades, leave it to Quay Australia to give you their look for less. These Let It Run 57mm Polarized Sunglasses are only $50 and have a similar square shape to Cindy’s shades. You’ll look like a star wearing these!

silver Intricate Byzantine Chain Braceler fountainof30
Target ELYA Intricate Byzantine Chain Bracelet – Silver, $14.99

Casual Silver Bracelet

Add a bit of bling with this silver bracelet to finish off this Cindy Crawford casual look for less. You don’t need David Yurman when you can get this silver chain bracelet from Target for $14.99!

Casual Maxi Dress Styling Tips

1. Take it from Cindy Crawford and wear a lightweight maxi dress when the weather is warm. A long dress keeps you cool yet still covered up which makes it perfect for women over 40.  Make sure your dress is not too long (and does not drag on the floor) so you can walk in it! Look for dresses with an asymmetric hem to give your look more style and movement.

2. When you’re wearing a print dress keep your accessories clean so they do not compete. Note how Cindy choose clean, nude colored minimalist accessories. This way the patterned dress becomes the focus of this look. Even her silver jewelry is kept to a minimum.

3. Try a snake or python print! Animal prints are a big trend right now and will continue to be in style this fall. A snake pattern is more subtle and tonal than bolder animal prints such as zebra or leopard. So if you are a bit shy of the wild, give a snake print a try.

Summer isn’t over and there are plenty of warm balmy days ahead. Will you be wearing this Cindy Crawford casual look for less?


Carol Calacci

Photo & Source: InStyle

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  1. Great choices! I like the snakeskin dress because it can be fairly formal or worn with a jean jacket for a more casual look. Of course the tote is a must-have!


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