How To Get This Demi Moore Two Piece Plaid Look For Less

We put Demi Moore on our best dressed list when we saw her in this plaid short sleeve top and matching pants set. She looks chic and classic with a bit of an edge while she was out promoting her new memoir Inside Out. Demi is one of those amazing women who defies age and looks much younger than her 56 years. Her hair is quite long which proves you can wear your hair any length even if you are over 40. Besides staying fit, shiny hair is another Demi Moore trick to looking younger. Wearing it down with a pair of round metal frame shades gives her look a little attitude. Demi Moore can wear just about anything, but she does not always have to wear revealing fashion, as she proves with this ensemble. She gives this menswear plaid look a feminine touch with a waist-defining belt and classic Berkin style bag. Her soft flat black shoes look so comfortable, too! We definitely want to steal her style. Here’s how you can get this Demi Moore two piece plaid look for less.

Demi Moore Two Piece Plaid Look For Less

Demi Moore Two Piece Plaid Set plaid top and pants set
ASOS WHITE woven check two-piece t-shirt, now $39.99 and pants, now $72

The Two Piece Plaid Set

I honestly was not sure I would find a plaid top and pants set like Demi’s for a great price, but leave it to ASOS! They offer these 2 matching pieces that look very similar and they are on sale. This ASOS White woven check t-shirt is now $39.50 and the woven check pants are now $72. Wear the top over the pants and belt it like Demi or you can tuck it in with a belt for another look.

black with gold Belt
H&M Narrow Belt, $9.99

The Belt

H&M offers a great selection of belts to finish off any look. Yes it’s optimal to invest in fine leather belts but sometimes a faux leather one can look just as good. This black H&M Narrow Belt with a double loop gold detail is only $9.99 and it’s the right thickness to wear over the plaid short sleeve top.


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Black Naturalizer Collette Loafer
Naturalizer Collette Loafer, now $77

The Black Flat

We can’t always afford designer shoes but these Naturalizer Collette Loafers look just as soft and comfortable as Demi’s. You may be wondering if square toe shoes are coming back in style? If Spring 2020 Fashion Week was any indication, the answer is yes, so pick up a pair like these for fall.

Demi Moore plaid look for less Trenchcoat fountainof30
H&M Cotton Trenchcoat, $69.99

The Trenchcoat

With unpredictable fall weather a trench coat can be your best accessory. A classic neutral color and style like the one Demi grabbed “just in case” is a must have coat for fall. This H&M Cotton Trenchcoat is only $69.99 and has some very rich details for such a low-price coat.

Black tote Tote Bag fountainof30
Target Women’s Wing Tote Bag – A New Day™, $44.99

The Top Handle Tote

There’s no need to invest in a Berkin bag, when you can get this tote bag at Target for only $44.99.

Demi Moore Look round gold metal sunglasses fountainof30
H&M Sunglasses, $9.99

The Round Sunglasses

Demi Moore’s cool round shades make her look hip with her otherwise conservative look. These fun sunglasses are also from H&M and for $9.99 you won’t be horribly upset if you loose them. But you never will since they are cheap. That’s how it always goes, right?

Tips for Styling This Demi Moore Two Piece Plaid Set

1. This fall, why not try a new form of a suit like this plaid top and pants set? There are actually more options than a jacket and pants suit. You can wear the top out, tucked into the trousers or belted. Wear the set under another solid or tweed blazer or under a black leather moto jacket. Of course can also wear the pieces as separates. Picture the top with denim jeans or slim black pants. The pants would look fabulous with a billowy sleeve print blouse, with a furry white sweater or a classic black turtleneck.

2. Take it from Demi, you can be yourself with a totally classic or businesslike outfit if you add a little personal style. Let your hair go wild and put on a pair of funky shades. You can even add a bright out-of-the-blue colored handbag or shoes to this look nice it is basically neutral. Just a few personal fashion touches can make you go from nerdy to cool.

3. Flats are chic. OK It took me a while to admit that my feet can no longer take heels, but there are lovely flat shoes that you will actually be able to walk in! I always thought heels add more power to a look, and often they do. But you will also look more powerful when you can move with authority (in flats)!

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