How to Get Nicole Kidman’s Front Row Style – For Less!

Actress Nicole Kidman played every bit of her role as a front row star at the Micheal Kors 2020 Spring Collection at New York Fashion Week. She looked stunning in pearl studded black peplum top and midi skirt, which of course were from Micheal Kors, only this look was from his 2020 Resort Collection. Her outfit was gorgeous and we want her style! The large eyelet black belt and silver studded mesh scarf ties this whole look together with lots of subtle texture and modern embellishments. This styling was basically Michael Kors, but Nicole added even more texture and wore studded black and white spectator pumps, curvy hoop earrings, and a classic bracelet style watch. There is a lot going on but the overall look is clean and classic. Well, we can’t all afford Micheal Kors Collection fashion and (I think they look like) Christian Louboutin pumps. But we can steal Nicole Kidman’s style. Here’s how you can get this Nicole Kidman front row style look for less.

Nicole Kidman Front Row Style For Less


Nicole Kidman's Front Row Style Peplum fountainof30
Doublju Stretchy Flare Peplum Top, $14.99

The Black Peplum Top

To get Nicole’s look, start with the basic silhouette of a peplum top with a slim midi pencil skirt. I found some super bargains, so the quality of these pieces will not be at all like Micheal Kors. But when you shop for looks for less in pieces that are all black, you can often get away with it. This Doublju stretchy flare peplum top from Amazon is only $14.99! This top runs small so size up.


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Romve Pearls Beaded Solid Peplum Top, $7.95
Romwe Pearls Beaded Solid Peplum Top, $7.95

This Romwe pearls beaded peplum top gives you more of Nichole’s look with its embellishments only with long sleeves. I know many women over 40 may like this option better! And this top is only $7.95 and you will need to go up a size. If it is at all loose, the belt will cinch it in.

black Midi Pencil Skirt
Target Women’s Midi Pencil Skirt – Prologue™, $22.99

The Black Midi Pencil Skirt

I found a lot of inexpensive black midi skirts but they were rather flimsy and tight. This midi pencil skirt from Target is fitted but skims the body. It’s from Target’s Prologue™ collection, which is an ideal line for work-appropriate fashion and the fabrics are exceptional when it come to draping. Prologue is Target’s answer to women who like Theory or Vince and you can find some excellent pieces for super affordable prices. Better yet, they run true to size.

Frame D Ring Prong Belt
Frame D Ring Prong Belt was $170, now $136

Embellished Accessories

This belt is not cheap, but that’s because it is real leather and high quality! I recommend this Frame D Ring Prong Belt which is now on sale because you will wear it many times over. It was originally $170 and now you can get it for $136. If you keep a few of the pieces, such as your accessories, high end or high quality you can get away with wearing inexpensive clothing with them. That’s the secret to high low styling.

 Sparkle Metal Sequins Skinny Scarf
TiaoBug Sparkle Metal Sequins Skinny Scarf, $4.99

If I could find the actual Michael Kors skinny scarf Nicole Kidman is wearing I would tell you to get it at any cost! It is so beautiful. However, you can try out the look with this metal sequins skinny scarf from Amazon. It comes in black, too. For $4.99 you may want to get both. This skinny scarf look started several seasons ago and adds instant elegance to a blouse or jacket. I like how it hides the neck too.

Tory Burch Penelope Cap Toe Pump
Tory Burch Penelope Cap Toe Pump, $378

Shoes are another accessory where I don’t like to go too low in price. Mostly because a lot of cheap shoes are so uncomfortable they collect dust and take up valuable real estate in your closet until you finally toss them out. These beautiful Tory Burch Penelope Cap Toe Pumps are the opposite color blocking of Kidman’s spectator pumps, but they will totally work with her look. Besides you will probably wear them year round. They are also about half of what Nicole’s Louboutins cost.

Silver Tone Hoop Earrings
Kim Rogers® Silver Tone Sensitive Skin Hoop Earrings, $5.40

Nicole is wearing pearl inlaid, wavy-shaped hoop earrings. She was not afraid to add more embellishment, and neither should you! These silver tone twisted hoop earring from Kim Rogers will bring a little more texture and sparkle to the look.

Bracelet Watch
Anne Klein Women’s Two-Tone Bracelet Watch, was $65, now $29.24

I like how Nicole Kidman was wearing a bracelet style watch. Maybe she wanted to be on time for the fashion show. No doubt her watch is a major piece of jewelry, but you can get the look for less with this classic Anne Klein silver tone bracelet watch for only $29.24.

Styling Tips To Get Nicole Kidman’s Front Row Style

1. Start with the basic silhouette. When it comes to stealing style, you should first take a look at the overall proportions of the outfit. To emulate Nicole Kidman’s outfit, search for a peplum top and slim but not too tight midi skirt. You may also find a black dress that has a peplum and you can simply add the belt and scarf to get the look.

2. Black is one of the best colors when you buy inexpensive (OK, cheap) fashion. Why? Because you can’t really see the details, like the top-stitching, or lack of top-stitching or other finishes. Just be careful about shiny or flimsy fabrics. Also there are different shades of black (seriously) so make sure they match.

3. Texture amps up a look! Don’t be afraid to play with texture like Nicole Kidman. She is wearing pearl beading, studs, oversize silver eyelets, spiked shoes and embellished earrings. She keeps it in the same color range of black and white with silver and pearl, so it all works together.

4. Size up! When it comes to fast fashion and inexpensive clothes, you often have to size up. Many of these pieces are more like junior sizing. You can always take something in but you can’t make it bigger!

Are you going to try the Nicole Kidman look for less?


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