Deep Forest Green Is The New Neutral For Fall

One of the most beautiful 2019 fall color trends is a deep forest green. We picked the color as one of the top 10 fall 2019 trends for women over 40. And the Pantone Color Institute selected and coined it “Eden” in their fashion color trend report for Autumn-Winter 2019-2020. The fall 2019 collection runways were awash in this shade of green at Sies Marjan, Gucci, Dior and many others. Elie Saab showed looks in head-to-toe green and Salvatore Ferragamo mixed it masterfully with pastels and brights. So why not make deep forest green your new neutral for fall?

Deep Forest Green Is A Neutral

I adore this rich deep shade of green! It reminds me of an interior designer friend of mine who favorited this color in accents in her own well-designed home. She used green back in the early 90s and even though she updated her interiors through the years, the deep rich green pieces she kept never went out of style. She also told me green is the color of glass (as you can see on the edges of a glass shelf), and the color of leaves on plants, so it literally goes with any other color. Think of green leaves on a rainbow of florals and green trees as a backdrop for your garden and your home. Green naturally goes with everything.

So this season, I recommend you invest in deep forest green handbags, shoes and accessories instead of your usual black. A dark green accessory will go with every color (including black) and it is an easy way to punch up your wardrobe. Isn’t it about time you try a color besides black? Go out on a limb! Deep green is totally on trend, but it will never be trendy!


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deep green designer chloe handbag Gucci belt Jesiica Simpson Pump

Deep Green Shoes, Handbags and Belts

To prove you can wear green shoes or a bag with practically everything, I want you to picture yourself in your favorite outfit. Now take away the black shoes or boots (I knew you were wearing them) and imagine them in deep forest green. It works, doesn’t it? Okay, I realize this green is almost black, but it actually isn’t but it’s something fresh! If you are thinking of investing in a designer handbag, why not get something special and get it in green? Or you can purchase a Gucci Double G belt in green! The green shoes and boots of the season are very rich in textures like crocodile, suede, velvet and metallics. From a sexy pair of high heel pumps to a bold pair of boots, you can find a pair of shoes in deep green to take you through fall and winter.

deep pine green AG The Farrah High Waist Velvet Jeans

Green Jeans

I wear jeans so often that I think of them as another accessory! We treat blue denim jeans like they are neutral but what could be more neutral than green jeans? Brands are offering green jeans in brushed cotton, slick coated denim and rich velvet like this pair by AG.

deep green Deepa By Deepa Gurnani Britt Earrings

Deep Green Jewelry

You can spend a fortune on emeralds and tourmaline jewelry, but you can also pick up a pair of beaded earring in the same deep green of the season. These Deepa By Deepa Gurnani Britt Earrings are only $60. Whether you invest in fine jewelry or pick up some costume pieces for fall, make sure you get your bling in deep forest green!

Deep Green Styling Tips

1. Deep forest green is the new black. Ignore the fact that it is green! This color is so dark it is very subtle and it works with almost everything. Wear deep forest green accessories in place of black. It can be your handbag, shoes or boots, belt or hat. You can do a matching bag and shoes, but one deep green item will work with other color accessories. For example, wear deep green boots with a black, brown or burgundy handbag.

2. Invest in deep green. This is one of the major colors of the season, however it has proven to be a classic year after year. In fact, green is the hot color for next Spring too. So if you invest in a green designer handbag such as the Chloe Mini Marci Leather Crossbody Bag for $890 and you carry it 100 times this year, your cost-per-wear will be $8.90. Compare that to a $100 bag you use only 10 times. You will come out ahead with the designer handbag.

3. Mix deep forest green with any color or print. Give green a try with everything you own. It works with florals, stripes and plaids that don’t even have any shade of green in them! The color works with pastels, deep tints and bright solid colors. Have fun styling with different textures and patterns, because that is what fashion is all about!

Shop Deep Forest Green

Shop my selections of deep forest green fashion for fall 2019.


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