Fall Colors fountainof30

See The Best Fall Colors On The Most Stylish Celebrities

Autumn is upon us and as the temperatures begin to drop, the fashion begins to pop. Pastels are thrown askew in favor of deep greens, burgundies and purples. Light florals are replaced by their darker, wintery counterparts. And of course, the fall fabrics like supple leather and sumptuous tweed are back in action. Fall is all …

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Celebrity Style: Holiday Party Dresses For Every Occasion

Nothing says holiday season like the perfect holiday dress. I’m not just referring to an LBD, although truth be told, the right LBD can work wonders for any fashionista. I’m talking the bold-colored, sequined, brocaded, beaded, embellished, bedazzled holiday party dresses worn by celebs and party-goers alike to a festive dinner party or a night …

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New York Fashion Week: Victoria Beckham Serves Up Spring With Ease

Victoria Beckham is quickly becoming one of my favorite ready-to-wear designers (though I feel like I’m coming in a little late in the game) as she has been putting out incredibly well thought out and tailored collections for several years now. Her New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 collection was no exception as she took many of fashions trending moments, gave them a spin and made them completely something that I’m willing to give a shot (I’m looking at you 1990’s era crushed velvet)