How To Get This Jennifer Aniston All Black Look for Less

Who says you shouldn’t wear black when you are over 40? Actress Jennifer Aniston proves you can in this chic head-to-toe black outfit. She arrived at Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood last week wearing black skinny jeans, a black cropped blazer and black suede point toe booties. Wearing a classic black Chanel quilted bag with a gold chain strap slung over her shoulder, her all black outfit was anything but boring. The pop of gold in her belt buckle, her clear frame sunglasses and her signature golden hair all brightened up her look. She is probably wearing premium jeans and designer boots with that beautifully cut jacket. Sure most of us can’t afford the pieces she is wearing, but we can steal her style. Here’s how to get this Jennifer Aniston all black look for less!

black Blazer
Mural Single Button Blazer, $75

This jacket is not quite as intricate as Jennifer Aniston’s, but this Mural Single Button Blazer in basic black is only $75. The shorter length is one you probably need in your black jacket collection. I feel you can never have too many black blazers, especially at this price.

black Skinny Jeans
Low-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans, $30

Yes, you can spend $200 on a fine pair of premium denim black skinny jeans. And yes, you will wear them a lot. But these Old Navy Low-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans are only $30! And you will probably wear this pair even more. Lauren swears by them and now I’m a fan, too.


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black Scoop Tank
BP. Double Scoop Tank, $10

Wearing a scoop neck tank adds some brightness to an all black ensemble. This BP. tank is long (which is important when you wear low rise jeans) and it’s only $10.

black suede bootie
BP. Maisie Bootie, $79.95

These boots do not have a heel quite as high as Jennifer Aniston’s, but the price is not quite as high either. These BP. Maisie Booties in black suede are $79.95.

black gold ring belt
H&M Belt, $9.99

Belts are a very important accessories and can cost hundreds of dollars. That may be worth the investment, especially if you do the Cost Per Wear analysis. That way you can justify spending $500 on a Gucci belt. Or you may be just as happy spending $9.99 on this gold ring belt from H&M.

Black Quilted Cross Body Bag Gold cahon strap
ALDO Menifee Black Quilted Cross Body Bag with Double Gold Chunky Chain Strap, $55

Look what I found?! This ALDO black quilted bag has a bold chain strap that you can wear single strap as a crossbody or double strap for a shoulder bag. Jenn’s Chanel Bag is upwards of $5000, so this bag is a steal at $55.

Transparent Glitter Cat Eye Sunglasses
BP. 51mm Transparent Glitter Cat Eye Sunglasses, $19

A final finishing touch that all movie stars (and you) need are a great pair of shades. The shape of these sunglasses is quite similar to Jennifer Aniston’s, and the clear frames will brighten up your all black outfit. Besides, these sunglasses are only $19.

The prices looked so low for this outfit, I had to tally it all up. You can get this entire look with all 7 pieces for only $278.94. This can and should be your new fall uniform!

How To Wear All Black

1. Take it from Jennifer Aniston, and wear a lot of different textures when you wear all black. She has suede shoes, a quilted leather bag and the sleeves of her blazer have a subtle sheen to them. Denim has a more rugged texture and her tank top is smooth knit. This keeps your all black look from looking flat.

2. Black is not always then same black. Some blacks have more blue in them and some have more warmth and almost look brown. Wearing a variety of textures often helps with this problem, but is best to match your blacks so they are all in the same hue, either all warm or all cool.

3. Add warmth like Jennifer Aniston did with gold accents in her belt buckle, chain strap handbag and sunglasses. Wearing a tank to show some more skin is also a good way to not look like Sprockets (in all black up to your neck). You can also add gold earrings and necklaces.

4. Fit is so important. Jenn got the proportions right for her figure wearing a fitted cropped jacket and skinny jeans. You may need to wear a longer jacket (I would) or looser fitting jeans to flatter your own figure. But you can still dress in all black like Jennifer Aniston, only in your own style.

Are you going to wear this black on black look?


Carol Calacci

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