Stylish Celebrities Who Are 50 And Fabulous

Jennifer Lopez turned 50 years old on July 24. Sandra Bullock celebrated her 55th birthday on July 26. Naomi Watts turned the big 5-0 back in September of last year. And Nicole Kidman is 52 years old since June 20. Julianne Moore is 58 since December 3. What do all of these ladies have in common? (Besides the obvious fact that they’ve all entered the 50-and-over club?) Well, they’re 50 and fabulous!

I’ll be happy if I look half as good as Sandra Bullock does when I turn the big 5-0 (and she’s 55 already, did you know?) Jennifer Lopez, well, have you seen her “It’s My Party” tour? It’s filled with of dancing. She’s 50 years old, people! BFFs Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman don’t exactly look like they’re in their twenties, but they definitely don’t look 50 and over.

The fashion of these 50 and fabulous celebs is (for the most part) age appropriate, except for a little flash here and there. (And if I had JLo’s body I would be wearing body-con leotards too! Here’s how to copy their looks, no matter what your age.


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50 and Fabulous Celebrities

50 and fabulous Sandra Bullock multicolor sequin top black pants

Sandra Bullock – 55 and Fabulous

We’ll cut Ms. Bullock a bit of slack. She’s not so much of a fashionista (if that black sweater dress she wore for a rare dinner out with her boyfriend has anything to say about it). But when Sandra Bullock does rock a look at a red carpet event or awards ceremony…she pulls out all the stops. 

The multicolored sequined tube top is everything. And sure, you might be saying, well this is a look for clubbers who go out dancing at night and not for Ms. Bullock. However she managed to make the look chic for the event (appropriate for the MTV Movie & TV Awards) and daring, but stylish and not over-the-top or like she is trying too hard. I personally don’t care too much for the extra fabric hanging off of this tube top. However, this is (55-year old!) Sandra Bullock at her finest. She looks effortless and like she is having fun with fashion.

50 and fabulous JLo street syle

Jennifer Lopez – 50 and Fabulous

I know what you’re thinking. Why did I pick this look for JLo and not one of her showstoppers with sequins or feathers or diamonds galore? I chose this look for JLo because it shows her versatility. She can be dressy, but she can also be street and sometimes her “street” looks are better than her risk-taking splashy looks. In this case, she’s in sweats with what a shearling coat and an expensive bag and it’s all good.

50 and fabulous Naomi Watts black sequin a line dress

Naomi Watts – 50 and Fabulous

Naomi Watts has been called a modern style muse and for good reason. She knows how to turn it up at events or carry a look off-duty. “She transforms something that could look a little trailer trash into an urban chic outfit,” says writer Marie Kelly in an Image magazine article about why she wants to be Naomi Watts when she grows up. “Watts knows that a black blazer becomes your sartorial saviour as you get older – it puts manners on any number of utilitarian pieces – while the timeless tan leather flatforms suggest a woman who has no interest in sacrificing comfort and practicality for frivolous fashion choices. Form and function matter, and this is the sign of a truly chic woman,” she explains.

Nicole Kidman 50 and fabulous burgundy sequib gown

Nicole Kidman – 52 and Fabulous 

Nicole Kidman has been either mocked or applauded for her fashion choices, but you can’t blame a girl for trying. She’s basically hit every trend in the book and then tried everything else on the red carpet. While I don’t know if I can say the same for her looks (too much plastic surgery unfortunately,) her fashion, like a fine wine, has only improved with age and this is because she has decided to take more high-fashion risks with her clothing and most of the time, it works.

Julianne Moore celebrities over 50 silver ruffle dress

Julianne Moore – 58 and Fabulous!

It’s not uncommon to see actress Julianne Moore in a look from either Chanel or Tom Ford. Both labels are her go-to on the red carpet or even off. She has attended many a fashion show, calls many designers friends, and has been dubbed a fashion icon more than once. Not bad for a girl who is inching up to her 60s and still looking as stylish as ever.

Do you have a favorite celebrity who is 50 and fabulous?

– Simona Shemer

Photos: Sandra Bullock, Daily Mail  |  Jennifer Lopez,  |  Naomi Watts,  |  Nicole Kidman, eOnline  |  Julianne Moore, Vogue

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