The Craziest Dresses Worn by Celebrities at Paris Couture Week

Paris Couture Week is a fun and frivolous occasion, and my favorite fashion time of the year (besides the Met Gala, of course) because the fashionistas and fashionistos of the world pull out all the stops with their looks. It’s a time for risk-taking, experimentation and fun with fierce fashion on the runways. Celebrities at Paris Couture Week have made the rounds, too, putting on their own show, if you will, from their grand entrances to the front row. Stars like Naomi Campbell, Margot Robbie, Heidi Klum and Nicole Kidman showed up at Valentino, Chanel and Armani Prive in some splashy looks. And also in some strange ones, including lots of grandmother floral. We wonder if spectators came to look at the collection or gawk at the A-listers. 

But if you think that’s splashy, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet! Here are some of the best and bravest looks at the Fall ’19 Couture shows in Paris on Elisabeth Moss, Mandy Moore, Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion.

Craziest Dresses on Celebrities at Paris Couture Week

Celebrities at Paris Couture Week Elisabeth Moss polka dot Dior maxi


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Celebrities at Paris Couture Week: Elisabeth Moss in Dior

High collars in summer are not for the faint of heart, but neither is brightly colored pastel polka dots. This look at the Dior show has a lot going for it, besides the polka-dots. Long sleeves, sheer fabric and a tied up bow are all part of the ensemble. It’s all a bit much, but Elisabeth Moss can pull it off. 

Christina Aguilera in Viktor & Rolf Paris fall couture 2019

Christina Aguilera in Viktor & Rolf

Everyone was talking about Christina Aguilera’s frothy gown at the Viktor & Rolf show and not because it was pink! The “tulle trenchcoat” not only gave her the opportunity to make a big entrance, but it also overlapped on more than one front row seat! The message “F–k This I’m Going to Paris” rang loud and clear. The ensemble from Viktor & Rolf’s Spring 2019 collection was the perfect sartorial choice for the pop star who has a voice as powerful as her look. Vogue called the look “an appropriately playful nod to the escape from reality that Paris—and fashion—can offer.” Now, the real question is, why didn’t she wear it to the Met Gala as part of the camp theme? 

Mandy Moore in Dundas D9 Paris fall Couture  

Mandy Moore in Dundas D9

Mandy Moore arrived at the Dundas D9 show at Paris Couture Fashion Week in a blue cape dress that looked more like a caftan. Nevertheless, the color was striking, the gold belt was bold, and the emerald green eye shadow – well that was a bit odd but it was interesting, to say the least. And it turned heads, which is what this fashion week is all about.  

Celine Dion red sheer Iris van Herpen Paris fall 2019 Couture Week

Celine Dion in Iris van Herpen

Celine Dion was the IT girl of Paris Couture Week, showing up at shows like Alexandre Vauthier, Valentino, Schiaparelli, and Iris van Herpen. She wore showstopping high fashion looks (some without pants!) and gorgeous gowns. Spectators probably paid close attention to her complex and intriguing Iris van Herpen made of see-through black and red netting. This 3D print couture piece is perhaps the best example of what couture week is known for – risk-taking, statement-making and showing pieces that come to life on a model, whoever that “model” may be.

–Simona Shemer

Photos: Harper’s Bazaar UK

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