The Non-Fall Color Trend For Autumn 2022 for Women Over 50

The first inklings of fall are creeping in, and I could not be more excited. Getting ready for fall is always one of my favorite times of year for fashion and style. Fall fashion has become synonymous with rich, earthy tones like brown, dark green and burgundy, however the color trends have taken a turn and we are seeing a lot more “non-traditional” colors for fall. Let’s take a look at the non-fall color trend and how to wear it for autumn 2022.

The Non-Fall Color Trend

As someone whose style has definitely evolved over the last few years due to both the pandemic and being a mother, seeing this color trend for fall lights a fire in me to find a little bit of my old self. The bold style choices and unexpected twists were once a big part of my personal style. It’s safe to say the trends this fall are drawing me back! This trend is perfect for bringing a little spark back into your style; especially if you’ve lost your way. And perfect if you are over 50 and want a fall wardrobe refresh from past years.

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Tops And Sweaters

I love an oversized satin or silk top. This can be a closet staple that you can wear all year long. It’s easy to get something in a neutral color like a black, white or tan, but why not try one of the unexpected, non-fall colors for your fall wardrobe? This electric blue blouse will have heads turning. And if blue is not your color, it comes in a variety of other colors including green, fuchsia and red.

If you are ready for sweater weather, try this oversized chucky knit sweater from Amazon. The purple color is reminiscent of the fall runway looks at the Stella McCartney show. It pairs well with a pair of wide leg pants, a long skirt or if you want to add some edge, a pair of faux leather leggings.

Pants and Skirts in Non-Fall Colors

If you prefer to try out this trend in a bottom, you can try either a pair of wide leg pants, which are also a great fall trend, or you can try a midi skirt. I love how affordable these high-rise wide leg pants from Target are. The rich teal color is just like what we saw from Victoria Beckham on the runways (my personal favorite of the fall shows). If you like skirts, try this lime green bias cut skirt. You can dress it up for fall with a chunky knit sweater and pair of cognac colored tall, leather boots. The juxtaposition of the heavy, chunky knit sweater and leather boots, paired with the sheen and flowing feel of the skirt give you a nice play on texture.

Shoes And Accessories

If you’re in the market for a new fall bag, why not try out this trend and get one in a non-fall color? I’d stick with a classic silhouette, but try a color like this powder blue tote from Kate Spade. If you want to go a little extra, pair this bag with a beautiful (and warm) matching cashmere scarf like this one from J.Crew. I can just imagine wearing these two pieces with a classic camel overcoat for the fall. Finally, if you want to try this fall trend in a shoe, go with this pink leather pump from Steve Madden. I just bought this shoe in black, because I don’t have a single pair of simple black pumps (can you believe it!?) but I’m toying with the idea of getting them in this beautiful pink as well. I love the style of these shoes with the unexpected, geometric shape to the pump and because they are still just a basic pump, they will look good with anything.

Non-Fall Color Trend Expert Style Tips

  1. Mix this trend with more traditional fall colors. We love the fall season for what it brings to fashion: rich, earthy tones that remind us of the beautiful changing colors of the season. We are not asking you to give those up completely for the non-fall color trend. Try to find ways to incorporate both into your fall looks. Rich teal and vibrant purple pair well with hunter green and cognac, which are perfect for fall!
  2. Fall textures and fabrics pair beautifully with this trend. Leather, chunky knits, faux fur all look great in non-fall colors.
  3. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and switch up a fall item that would be one of your seasonal staples for one featuring this fall color trend.
  4. It’s OK to invest in some high-end pieces. A nicely made, quality fall piece will be timeless regardless of the color. If you find a leather skirt in a vibrant pink or yellow, don’t let the color deter you. Something as chic as a cut-to-perfection, leather pencil skirt will take you 10 years into the fashion future. There is always a place for quality in fashion and style.

Shop Non-Fall Colors

Pictured above from left to right:

Roswear Women’s Blouse, $28.99

Ferrtye Womens Oversized Chunky Open Front Cardigan, $38.99

Women’s High-Rise Wide Leg Pants – A New Day™,  $23.79

TOPSHOP Bias Cut Satin Midi Skirt, $56

Kate Spade All Day Lare Zip-top Tote, $230

J.Crew Oversized Cashmere Wrap, $129.50

Steve Madden Pick Pink Leather Pump, $89.99

Are you going to try the non-fall color trend this season? What are your favorite colors?

– Carmen Turner

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