How To Style The Unexpected White Shirts And Jeans Trend For Fall

It’s fun to review seasonal trends. The ever-changing world of fashion keeps us on our toes and each season can bring new life into our wardrobe and encourage creativity in our style. However, there is something to be said about tried-and-true fashion; those closet staples that are never going to go out of the style. I’m thinking items like the camel trench coat, the sleek black trouser, the little black dress, the classic ballet flat and the white shirt and jeans. These are all items that we can wear day in and day out and always look put together, almost like a fashion “uniform.” And honestly these are all staples that women over 50 should have already invested in.

The White Shirt and Jeans

not so basic white shirt and jeans trend fountainof30
The not so basic white shirt and jeans trend as shown at Givenchy, Lutz-Huelle and Balmain for fall 2022.

This month I want to discuss a fall trend that includes two fashion staples that are part of our uniform: the white shirt and jeans. However, I want to mix it up a little bit and stray away from classic cuts and fits and take it to another level of the unexpected. I want to focus on unanticipated white shirts and how to pair them with current jean trends. Let’s look outside the box and find a fun spin on this everyday fashion uniform that will work for any and all of us.

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Dressy White Shirt and Jeans

Though jeans and white shirt can be a classic uniform for anyone, the idea of mixing up the style and going for a not-so-basic style of white shirt is a wonderful way to take your styling game to the next level. There are many various versions and proportions you can play with when pairing your unexpected white shirt with your jeans.

I love this pintucked blouse from White House Black Market. It’s a welcoming upscale look with feminine details. If you want to be a bit daring, I would pair it with these distressed jeans. The contrast of the fancier blouse paired with the relaxed, casual jeans makes for an unexpected contrast that works brilliantly. I’d finish this look off with a pointed toe boot to give it a little bit of polish on the bottom half. This is a great look for women over 50, it’s got polish, sophistication and my favorite – comfort!

White assymetric crochet Shirts And Jeans

Long Asymmetric White Shirt and Jeans

One of my favorite pairings that I found was the combination of long and lean on the bottom and billowy and ornate on top. This long sleeve asymmetrical shirt immediately stood out to me when I saw it. The price point is ideal at under $40. I love the sheerness of the top and texture of the large lace. There are a lot of details to adore about this white shirt and many different ways to wear it.

When pairing this not-so-basic white shirt with jeans, I think it would look best with these mid-wash skyscraper jeans from Express. I actually just purchased two pairs of these jeans and the fit is phenomenal and they just look great. I’d complete this look with a pair of either nude pumps or a bold color like pink, blue or green.

cropped white shirt and wide leg jeans fountainof30

Cropped White Shirt and High Waist Wide Leg Jeans

Since wide leg jeans have made their way back into our closets, I want to include an option that will pair well with them. I found these super-stylized wide leg jeans from Banana Republic. Say what you want, but I love the subtle pleats and the high waist. I know pleats are not the most desired feature on pants, but the placement and size of these pleats work really nicely.

A subtle cropped shirt is ideal with a super, wide-leg pair of pants like these, so I’m suggesting this long sleeve crop blouse from Target. A pair of loafers would finish this look off really well.

Style Tips

  1. Shop your closet first. I have a tough time believing that all of you fashion enthusiasts out there don’t have at least half of this trend that you can pull from your own closet. Whether it’s your favorite pair of jeans or a new pair that has yet to be worn. Or what about that crazy white shirt that you bought in the heat of the moment but never figured out what to pair it with? See if you can find a piece that you can start with instead of running out and buying an entire outfit.
  2. Contrasting dynamics works well with this trend. You can go for high/low if you aren’t able to splurge too much or I love the idea of going a little chicer on top and distressed on the bottom. Playing around with assorted styles, proportions, fabrics, and textures can help make this trend interesting and even more unexpected.
  3. You can never have too many of either. Don’t be afraid to get a plethora of options here. You’ll always be able to mix and match your unexpected white shirt with jeans. You still want to splurge on your classic, timeless white shirt, but play around with this trend and venture out for your unexpected finds. Try thrift stores or vintage stores or fast fashion options. If you want to try something you are unsure of they are affordable.

Shop The Unexpected White Shirt and Jeans Trend

How do you wear a white shirt and jeans? Will you try an unexpected look this season?

– Carmen Turner

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