Chic Ways To Wear Ruffles When You Are Over 40

With the change in weather and the trees and flowers in bloom, spring can be such a romantic and refreshing time of year. This makes it the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe and try some trends you may not have thought of before. For me, that trend is ruffles. Ruffles are not something that I would normally gravitate towards, but as ruffles and other romantic details are trending for the spring 2022 fashion season, why not take another look?

If you are like me and didn’t think the ruffle trend is for you, here are a few options to try when you are over 40.

Ruffle Trend Over 40

What I found are some of the best ways to wear ruffles when you are over 40.


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Dresses and Skirts with Ruffles

I think dresses and skirts with ruffle details are a wonderful way to jump into this trend. They are ultra-feminine and are an extremely uncomplicated way to start incorporating the ruffle trend into your wardrobe. I like to keep it simple with a skirt. I found this tiered, color-block midi skirt that will pair well with a fitted t-shirt and flat sandals. The earth tones on this one balances out the girliness of the ruffles with the darker hues and it makes for the perfect easy outfit to wear during any outing…maybe your first backyard barbecue of the season?

If you want to fully embrace this trend, you can opt for this ruffle-front mini dress. I must say, I absolutely love this dress and I think it would be stunning on many women. It’s personally not for me to wear, but it encompasses this spring trend to the fullest. The oversized, plentiful ruffles and shorter length play with proportions in the best way and it’s a beautiful, bold choice for someone looking to try ruffles for the spring.

Ruffled Tops

Another effortless way to jump into this trend is to get a beautiful, ruffle top and pair it with a pair of wide leg jeans or trousers. This is a pretty straight forward option and the possibilities are endless. You can do a printed top like this floral print blouse from ASOS. Or you can try a neutral top like this ruffle knit vest, also from ASOS. Either one of these pieces will look chic and sophisticated when paired with cream-colored pants and a neutral sandal or a pair of summer loafers.

Accessories With Ruffles: Shoes and Handbags

I will say that the ruffle trend can be difficult to come by in accessories and shoes. And when you do find them, you probably want to enjoy them sparingly. Overdoing this trend in your accessories or shoes can come off as gaudy; especially for women over 40. That said  I like a lot of the ruffle trends that I’m seeing in shoes for the spring. Slide sandals are dominating this trend and vary in options from subtle, like these Briar slides, to ornate like these Kady slides; both are by Sam Edelman.

What about a bag? Would you try a ruffle bag? If bags are your thing, try this Marley Scrunched Satchel from Anthropologie. It is a great option for the spring. It’s large enough to fit your essentials and has just the right number of details for a chic and feminine look. Also, you can carry this trend with this bag into the fall and winter season when the weather cools down.

Expert Style Tips for Wearing Ruffles

  1. Don’t overdo it. It’s best to stick with one piece for this trend to not overload the look. Try a ruffle cardigan or shirt on top and a simple and chic bottom. Or if you decide on a dress, keep your shoes, jewelry and accessories on the modest side. You also want to be mindful of proportions. Keeping the ruffles to one area of the body keeps you from looking like an over-stuffed puff ball.
  2. Ruffles can be feminine or edgy. If the ultra-girly look is not your vibe, you can also lean to the other end of the spectrum and go edgy. You can go with a sheer, black top, like this Simply Vera brand at Kohl’s. Or you can try out this trend with something like this green tiered, faux leather mini skirt. I love the olive green color, which would be beautiful in springtime but can also be worn throughout the fall season.
  3. Pair this trend with other feminine details. Finish off your look by pairing this trend with other complimentary, feminine details. Polished gold or silver jewelry, lush fabrics like satin and silk, flowing silhouettes and whimsical patterns like florals, polka dots and paisley all pair well with the ruffle trend. By adding some of these thoughtful details, it will help create a cohesive and complete look.

Shop The Ruffle Trend Here

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ASOS Vero Moda Knitted Vest with Side Ruffle in Camel, $39.20

Sam Edelman Briar Slide Sandal, $69.97

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Marley Scrunched Satchel, $65

Women’s Simply Vera Vera Wang Lace Ruffle Shirt, now 26.99

Anthropologie Tiered Faux Leather Mini Skirt, $160

So, what do you think about the ruffles trend for the spring and summer? Is this something you will be trying? Let us know!

– Carmen Turner

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  1. This is fun and fascinating. But if you saw my closet???
    I need to cover sun damage, that’s always my first concern. I have a long skirt with ruffles.
    I could do ruffles on a blouse. But too busty for the blue one. Still, great ideas here.


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